Who Are the Members of the Green Party? And who is their nominee, Jill Stein?

Who is the Green Party? And Who is Their Candidate Jill Stein?

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Voters have often chosen between the major parties:

Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

This year, voters are very unhappy with those choices

There’s also the Libertarian Party, with Gary Johnson and William Weld at the top of the ticket. [See my article on them here]

Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate.

What does the Green Party stand for?  And who is Jill Stein?

The Green Party is socialist:

  • They want to increase taxes on the rich, on Wall Street, and on major corporations.
  • They want to expand spending of the entitlement programs
  • They support a single-payer, socialized medicine health care program
  • The want more regulations on business

The Green Party is pacifist

  • They want to decrease military spending
  • They want to end all wars

The Green Party is populist

  • They want to lower taxes for working people
  • They want to break up the largest banks
  • They want to end all bailouts

The Green Party is extremist on cultural issues:

  • Pro-choice
  • pro-gay marriage
  • Pro-LGBT ideology (transgenderism, gay curricula in schools, etc)
  • Gun Control
  • Pro-amnesty

What makes them stand out from the liberal Democrats?

The Green Party is extremely environmentalist.

  • They are vocal opponents of “climate change”
  • They want to reduce carbon emissions to null levels.
  • They want to ban nuclear power plants.
  • They want to eliminate the carbon footprint left by human beings.
  • They want to create jobs relying on Green energy
  • They treat the Earth as a living being, which human beings must fight to care for.

Now, who is Jill Stein?

Born in Chicago, she now lives in Massachusetts.

A graduate of Harvard University (magna cum laude), Stein is a retired physician, specializing in internal medicine.

She is also an activist and perennial candidate for public office on the Green Party ticket.

Like Gary Johnson, she feels that the current two-party system is failing the American people and serving only a limited, politically-connected elite.

She hopes to steal vote from Hillary Clinton.

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