Justice Reform: A Conservative Legacy

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Federal prisons are overcrowded.

And the current federal system creates failure … so much unnecessary recidivism. The current system is teaching inmates to become worse.

Rehabilitation for prisoners has been abysmal. 40% of those who leave end up arrested again.

Congress established the Colson Task Force (named after the former Nixon official who spent time in federal prison, then founded his own prison ministry) to address these problems and institute long-term prison reforms.

Some of their goals: increase transparency, enhance cooperation among different government entities, and improve public safety

Here are their recommendations:

  1. Mandatory minimum sentences need to be revised, and judges need more discretion.
  2. Government needs to promote alternatives to incarceration, including restitution.
  3. States needs to create incentives for former prisoners to enroll in rehabilitation programs.

These reforms would ensure that prisons only house those who threaten public safety, and those who pay their debt to society return to normal life instead of a life of crime.

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