Joe Biden: Waiting for the Right Moment to Enter the Race?

Joe Biden: Biding His Time to Run?

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The media loves to play out the drama among Republican candidates.

The fight between Establishment and outsider candidates. The fight between Trump and Cruz is dominating the airwaves.

The liberal media has been showing the divide between socialist Bernie and socialist-lite Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are worried that with these two candidates, their candidate will be weak and likely to lose to a more conservative Republican.

So, who’s waiting in the wings?

Over the past year, President Obama has been promoting his VP Joe Biden. At events and during his last State of the Union speech, Obama was praising his #2 guy. In Obama’s latest emails to his contributors, and supporters, for the first time in seven years, Obama is giving Biden huge, multiple exposures.

The former US Senator is popular, likeable to the base and open to independent voters.

As the Establishment v. Grassroots tensions within the Democratic Party explode, look for Biden to jump into the Presidential race later this year.

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