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Judicial Activists Tramples Parental Rights and Authority: Politicized Judge Overturns School Board and Parental Rights

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The Chino Valley School Board affronts at common sense

Protection of parental rights was struck down by a judicial activist.

The Judge is Superior Court Judge Thomas Garza a judicial activist.

On a 1 to 10 scale, he has a judicial rating on my Judge Voter Guide to 0… His judicial activist versus strict constructionist is rated as a 1.25. About as bad as they can get.

This is a California judge in the San Bernardino Superior Court who has blocked a Chino Valley Unified school policy that requires the school to opt out transgender students to notify parents if their child is displaying gender confusion.

The school district is being forced by Governor Gavin Newsom and the Attorney General Rob Bonta to hide from the parents any promotion of gender confusion in their children and at the same time hiding from them were teachers, counselors or other students that may be encouraging the kids to change their sexual identity.

The judge created a temporary restraining order against the parental notification policy. For an hour the judge discussed amongst the lawyers coming to the conclusion he was using an “abundance of caution” and admitting that he had not read the entire issue presented by Chino Valley, which is to protect the children and protect parental rights.

The Chino Valley Unified School Board adopted the policy to protect the kids in need, generating a war between the California Superintendent of Education, the Attorney General of the State of California, and Governor Newsom.

Governor Newsom has stated that he will be using Chino Valley as an example to prevent other school districts from protecting parental rights and their children. The Superior court judges are up for election. And voters will be able to decide whether to keep these judges in power or not.

He is a registered Democrat, democratic donor, and he was appointed as a superior court judge in 2007 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger’s judicial appointments were almost all Democrats in judicial activists like Thomas Graza.

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Let’s restore sanity and change the judiciary. We have no time to waste.

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Pray for justice and America.

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  1. “Protection of parental rights was struck down by a judicial activist.”

    I don’t think harming a child is a parental right. Videlicet Child Protective Services.

    1. Craig, I listened to your ADF podcast, awesome! Could this case, Chino Valley Unified School Board/parental rights be helped by ADF or ACLJ?

      Bernard, thank you for standing for truth in this upside down world. Your comment may really help a parent at a school board meeting. Are you willing to allow parents and grand parents to use your quote and your name as a credible expert, God forbid, in the event they should need resources?

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