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Child Sex Trafficking in Your Town? How You Can Know and What You Can Do [Powerful, no Download Needed Podcast]

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Child sex trafficking is a $150 billion business. It has infiltrated and destroyed lives of children and families all around the world… and it’s right in your backyard.

My wife, Shelly, and I saw the Sound of Freedom movie and it was highly successful in the box office. One of the best things about this movie is that it wakes people up to the evil that prevails and to what we can do to help stop it.

To help you see the bigger picture, we talked to Aaron Spradlin. He started a new mission in 2016, to help end child sex trafficking.

In this free podcast filled with raw, real, and inspiring information, Aaron shares the following:

  • Examples of rescuing children in the United States
  • Signs of child trafficking to look for in your city or neighborhood
  • How you can help end child trafficking

listen to the interview.

Aaron Spradlin is the President and CEO of Pale Horse Global Risk and Security (Pale Horse GRS), a private security consulting firm. Spradlin started Pale Horse GRS in 2009 and has more than 24 years of experience collectively obtained during his military career and from his work in the private sector.

He has provided executive protection and personal security for an extensive list of high-profile business executives, celebrities, and political figureheads at both the State and National levels.

Aaron has made it his lifelong mission to rescue child trafficking victims and see to it that their perpetrators are brought to justice.

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Listen to the interview. It’s about 40 minutes long and filled with powerful information.

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