Joel Osteen’s Church Disrupted by Radicals

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Joel Osteen’s church was disrupted this past Sunday by pro-abortion demonstrators.

As I wrote last week, Church Violence Continues: Updates and 5 Steps to Protect Your Church, churches need to be ready for disruption, vandalism, protests, gun fires, and arson as the SCOTUS ruling on abortion is coming.

Watch this 1-minute video HERE on the church assaults. See how fast the ushers and security reacted.

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  1. Osteen’s services are televised & of course it may have been an easy way for these perverse wackos to get exposure.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Pastor Osteen say anything on the subject of the evil tragedy of the murder of our precious unborn babies.
    His church may simply have been an easy target.

  2. Osteen is an apostate; it stuns me so many see him as genuine, no discernment whatsoever. He came up in my churches Sunday school class and only the wife and I recognized him as false nobody else wanted to make a judgment call. We, America are doomed, and if Osteen is accepted as good preacher teacher then there are none who are to be found false.

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