Preschools: Corrupting 3-5 Year Old’s Self Image and Reality [Powerful Interview Exposed]

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3-5-year-olds in preschool are being indoctrinated with gender confusion and racial hatred.

We know that across America, from elementary to high school, Critical Race Theory [CRT Marxist Racism] hatred for America and free enterprise, and gender confusion have plagued government-run schools.

But preschool?

In little, small towns in “red” states to large school districts in “blue” states, this indoctrination has infected schools nationwide.

Fox News just did a powerful interview with State Rep. Erin Pare that exposes a North Carolina preschool indoctrination program.

It’s an example of the dangers to kids – even in preschool.

For example, they are using flashcards showing a pregnant man.

You must hear and see what was discovered.

You can watch the 5-minute video HERE.

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