Inflation: The Cause, Pain And Solution [Must-See Video Interview With Rogan O’Handley “DC Draino” on OAN]

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Inflation is out of control.

What caused it?

How do we stop it?

I just got off the air with DC Draino on the OAN Network. You can watch it HERE, it’s about 14 minutes long. Or read on for a brief summary.

  • With inflation at a record high and no end in sight, everything you buy is skyrocketing and hurting you and your family. And it’s eroding the wages of hard-working citizens… you’re losing every month.

Plus, if you are on a fixed income, it’s devastating.

And, of course soaring gas prices.

  • The socialist Democrats are living in a world of economic fantasy with massive trillion-dollar overspending, spiking budget defects and historic spike in money supply creation. Combine this with Biden destroying the oil and gas industry with his policies and regulations – leaving American’s to reap the consequences at the pump and in every store.

What’s next?

Recession, depression, stagnation, and more…

  • The problem: Joeflation and the economic theory that the government has the ability to control the economy. It’s a nightmare situation for small business owners and an impossible strategy to maintain resulting in catastrophic economic failure.
  • The solution: Cutting back on money supply, raising interest rates, and stop the overspending.
  • Inflation is good for government. Low inflation is when the people are living well, high inflation is when the government is living well – and right now the government is simply too well fed.
  • In a circus they say when things go wrong, they send out the clowns and boy do we see a lot of clowns right now.

Watch this 14-minute segment where we discuss the cause of inflation and what can be done HERE.

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  1. The cause of all inflation is deficit spending by the government. However, the major cause of this inflation is the fact that the nation runs on oil & gas, but Biden refuses to allow us to produce it. There are other causes, such as massive illegal immigration, but that’s a discussion for another time. There is nothing good about this regime at hand. Its main goal is to destroy Trump & the nation. Then, they can further the regime while rebuilding the nation into a communistic empire.

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