Apple, Headquartered in California, Expands Operations Beyond the State

California-Based Apple is Expanding … But Not In California

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The California Tech sector is growing. In fact, it’s booming.

But not in California.

For example, Apple will open their next command center—investing $2 billion and hiring 150 engineers and 500 construction workers—in Mesa, Arizona.

Why Arizona?

Arizona has fewer environmental regulations, and thus fewer fines and fees. Higher taxes and costs of living are pushing middle-income earners out of California, too. A home in Mesa, AZ costs an average of $180,000, while a home in California’s Silicon Valley costs $754,000.

An average of 5.5 companies a week leave California, taking with them jobs and opportunity.

And every major company that that has headquarters in California is expanding outside of California.

Why? High taxes, job-killing regulations, and frivolous lawsuits.

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