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Could you do me a favor?

You or someone you know may be able to help us with the following jobs and needs:

1) Paid Jobs. I have openings in my ad agency for the following:

  • Executive Assistant. I need a high energy, super organized, people friendly assistant for everything I do.
  • Copywriter or Creative Director: Someone who can write powerful copy
  • Content writer for articles or books
  • Digital Media Whiz
  • Artist/Web Designer
  • Marketing/Advertising Genius

2) Volunteer Jobs

  • Video: help us create awesome videos
  • Research: research the judges and candidates
  • Church Pastor Coordinator
  • PR/Media outreach
  • Social Media outreach
  • Donor relations coordinator

Interested? Contact me at with your resume or thoughts.

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  1. HI Craig & crew – I replied to your call for volunteers on Aug 12 (see below) but have not heard from you. I hate to be a pest so please let me know one way or the other if you’re interested.
    Thanks much – Jake

    Hi Craig & crew
    I’m interested in giving you guys a hand with your videos.
    I’ve been shooting videos for about 30 years. Mostly event documentaries
    like speeches, plays, & graduations. I’ve also done a ton of interviews & music videos.
    Since all my work is word of mouth & repeat business, I don’t have a resume or demo reel.
    For the past 2 years I have been posting my videos on Vimeo with a password. It’s a privacy issue for my clients.
    Some are not password protected.

    My music videos are on You Tube under Jakeman3. Mostly Christian rock but there’s
    more tame piece named “You Are Not Alone”. A fund raiser for the military personnel after 911.
    I live near North High School so I’m near your office.
    For the past 3 years all my videos are HD shot on SD cards, I have a small light kit, wired & wireless mics, small audio mixer
    and MILES of XLR cable. Also, lots of goodies and odds & ends. I do all my own editing with Adobe Premiere Elements
    on PC. I can burn to DVD & have a DVD dub system which rarely use these days because I post on-line for streaming.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Jake Unger
    310-516-6724 – please leave message if I don’t pick up.

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