It’s Time to Reopen America… Now! Sign Our Petition

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It’s time to reopen America.

Every day there are more people out of work, more businesses shut down forever, greater poverty, and a more difficult recovery.

As I explained in my article, Economic Collapse, Loss of Freedom Escalates: 4 Reasons Americans are Demanding, “We Must Open America Again – Now!” , we can safely and prudently reopen America on a state by state and local basis. We can do so where people can be as safe as they want and use common sense. We can open so we don’t endanger the most vulnerable. But we must open.

Please read the petition here and sign.

And send it to your friends.

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    1. yes, we definitely need to pray for our Ca governor for great wisdom, to shut off the business is not going to anyone any good. We need to have the local business open back up by wearing mask continue, social distances to stop anymore unemployment at the same time, still no travel from other place, especially not from China- the origin of this devil virus. Goods can ship in and out but no human being.

  1. Morning,
    Its very true but you got to pray the governor made the right choice. A lot of people die because of this devil virus (coronavirus) came from China, we can’t afford to have more people get infect and die etc… we really need to have healthy and safe work environment to operate. I think our governor is watch everything to make sure its really safe to open America. His goal is to reopen business of any kind by 5/15/20, its just right around the corner.

    Believe me, I am frustrated more than you because I am on UI AND can’t afford to be on UI ti Aug of this year, I need income to pay rent, differ stuff too.

    I assume you read my comment, you didn’t mentioned a word about prayer in your comment, which is very important as a believer. Are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

    When or if you reply back, pls no cussing or any ungodly comment.

  2. I pray every day that our America that I grew up in will not be destroyed forever, She and we cannot survive in this economy.

  3. We are past time taking our Country back from the Political Class. Time to re open this nation, step up and take back our country, get involved be it locally or nationally in things to cement restoration of our freedoms and values. America Rising – – – With God and in his hands.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    This time I agree, we need to open America, especially CA and LA County. Whoever should die, will die. As long as we as citizen and resident are careful. We are safe. We need to get job offers and work, lift the stay home order…. force people to stay home doesn’t accomplish mush, just leads to drunkeness and violent.

    Cause I am looking for part time work and be force to stay home, doesn’t get me working and get income.

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