U.S. Postal Service Massacre: $70 Billion Bailout Ahead? 8 Shocking Facts on What the USPS Must Do to Survive

Craig Huey Current Events, Economics 3 Comments

The Post Office is putting on a massive public relations campaign to get stimulus money. Don’t be fooled.

The real reason is the post office has been heading for a bailout on bankruptcy before the pandemic … with over $70 billion in debt.

It doesn’t need taxpayers’ money. It needs competition and massive reform.

See my article here for more insights.

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  1. The US Postal service should never have been subsidizing shipments from China. That kind of thing benefits Americans that have business interests in China, like Diane Feinstein’s husband, but not American businesses and workers. It has worked to our own destruction.

  2. The government can not do anything as well as private companies or the USPS would be able to compete and not be in the red always

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