ISIS and Human Trafficking [video]

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ISIS is kidnapping women and children and selling them to be sex slaves. Here is a horrific video report.

ISIS trades women and young girls for as little as 10 cigarettes. Some women are sold for weapons or cash.

Women are often sold three or four times to different ISIS fighters on the battlefield.

Girls as young as 7 have been trafficked.

ISIS Islamic theology says it is permissible to beat, trade, and have sex with young non-Muslim girls. That’s why Christians and Yazidis are targets.

The effects of this targeting are devastating: The Holocaust Museum has classified it genocide. “Assyrian Chaldean Christian communities have lived in northern Iraq, primarily in Ninewa, since the emergence of Christianity. Some are believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited Christian communities. The Christian population has dwindled from nearly 1.5 million in 2003 to fewer than 350,000 today.”

Yazidis are a religious minority of about 500,000 in the regions of Southern Turkey, Northern Iraq, and parts of Syria. ISIS labels them “devil-worshippers.”

ISIS uses sex slaves to help it recruit new soldiers. Fighters believe the rape of religious minorities is a prayer to God and their rape draws them closer to God.

Thousands are now kidnapped… and hundreds of girls and women have committed suicide.

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