Support Senator Rubio's Effort to Prevent the Internet Tax.

Help Stop the Internet Tax – Senator Rubio

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Liberals/Progressives and the National Retail Federation have joined together to pass the “Marketplace Fairness Act of 2015 (MFA).”

The bill would have online retailers and traditional catalogers/direct mail sellers collect local sales taxes on purchases.

It has passed the senate, but not the house.

Sen. Marco Rubio joined in opposition saying:

“The bill could lead to Internet retailers in all states being forced to become tax collectors for nearly 10,000 tax jurisdictions across the country. Only in Washington would such a proposal be labeled as the ‘Marketplace Fairness Act.’”

“We should be focused on policies that encourage economic growth and job creation, instead of imposing new financial burdens and onerous regulations on businesses and interstate commerce.”

The senators in Commerce Committee also added that they would oppose any effort to tax and regulate small Internet businesses.

Write your senators and congressmen opposing the legislation.

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