Waste and Abuse of Your Tax Money: 7 Examples out of Hundreds for 2014-2015

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Government bureaucracy is unaccountable.

With little oversight, politicians vote for a program and allocate money.

But then, the waste begins… hidden in our $18 trillion national debt.

IT’s at the local, state, and national levels.

And, of course, federal abuse is the largest.

Just take a look at the new 145 page report “Federal Fumbles”:

  • Donald Trump’s Hotel

$40 million of your tax money was spend on Donald Trump turning Washington DC’s old Post Office into a luxury hotel

  • $43 Million on a Gas Station… in Afghanistan

The Department of Defense spent $42,718,739 million on a single gas station in Afghanistan that would pump natural gas because Afghan cities can’t afford natural gas costs. The DOD ultimately had to close the gas station because virtually no one was using it.

  • $375,000 on Senior Citizens’ Dating Habits

The National Science Foundation spent $374,087 to better understand age-related changes in relationship habits.

  • $50,000 on a Snail-Themed Card Game

The National Science Foundation spent $50,000 to produce a game and eBook about sea snails.

  • Over $48,000 on Solar-Powered Beer

The U.S. Department of Agriculture spend $48,810 in grants to fund solar panels for two breweries.

  • $5.75 Million on Preserving Other Countries’ Cultures

The State Department spent $700,000 to conserve a Buddhist temple in Vietnam, $40,000 to document Bengal folk music in India, and $33,000 to preserve Jamdani weaving traditions in Bangladesh.

  • Department of Transportation: $820 Million in Bike Trails
  • $542 Million in Stadiums Subsidized

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