Insanity: The Audience Was Shocked As I Explained What Is Happening AND How To Turn Things Around In A Country Turned Upside Down [Radio/Podcast]

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Just got off the air, shocking the audience with truth… and realities they couldn’t hear anywhere else.

Click HERE to listen.

In a national radio/podcast, I talked with Bill Martinez about what is really going on… and how it could ever have happened.

  • Censorship of truth and reality – How what is truth is false, what is false is truth and what is good is evil, what is evil is good.
  • How the radicals use twisted but professional messaging to fundamentally transform culture and politics.
  • How this happened… who started it… why they are successful in changing American for the worse, destroying a Biblical Worldview, and promoting socialism.
  • Why we can’t be depressed… and how to turn our country around.
  • Election Integrity: answers for those co concerned.
  • What drives the lust for power.

The interview is about 25 minutes long. You can listen HERE.

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