Church Question: If Protestors… Or Those Who Want to Interrupt Your Service… Came to Your Church… What Would You Say… What Should Others Say… What Should Your Church Do?

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In the last issue, U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire, I wrote about the invasion by violent protestors in churches across America as a protest against the Supreme Court ruling which sends the decision of abortion back to the states.

If your church had protestors out front…

If your church had people trying to come in to disrupt…

If your church needs to prepare for such outbursts…

If your church is under assault by someone that wants to harm or kill…

What would you say?

What would you do?

I’m going to publish the answers without using your name…

Please respond quickly.

Please help churches and fellow Christians to make right decisions.

What do you think? Let me know at

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  1. Pray to our Lord to open their eyes and heart, Call the police, offer a time and place to listen and prayerfully respond and have someone in the body to continue service.

  2. Churches need security full time..Enough is enough! Lock n load or the church will be held guilty for innocent people getting harmed or dying.


  3. Churches in some neighborhoods are in more difficult areas and have learned to lock their doors at a certain time. Our large church did have security guards near the entries. Having been held hostage once, I prayed quickly, silently & asked for wisdom. God’s spirit was quieting, so I had time to appeal to the aggressor. I asked a question of how he got into the mess; he weakened, then put down his weapon, as we talked. That was God’s divine intervention. So often, people don’t have time to converse. It’s wise to have a plan in case of emergency situations, as we had in school.

  4. I live n a Red State . . . If need b we come 2 church Packing-Locked & Loaded. Why should citizens disarm themselves when criminals come armed?

  5. Let them know they are welcome to come worship and listen to God’s word peacefully if not ask them to leave; Then let the authorities handle it..

  6. Retired police/Army. I’d either grab the ring leader by the hair and drag them out or stand at the base of the altar to protect the Eucharist. This charging into a Service in progress is domestic terrorism.

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