Impeachment: 7 Disturbing Things You Should Know that the Media and Politicians Aren’t Telling You [Videos]

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Let me tell you 7 disturbing things you need to know about impeachment…

This isn’t a Republican, Democrat or Independent Party issue.

This is about truth, justice … and our Constitutional Republic.

The biased media and the pro-socialist politicians seem to think American voters have extremely short memories…

They’re trying to tell you that impeaching President Trump only became necessary after a quid pro quo between him and the president of Ukraine was revealed in a whistleblower complaint filed regarding a phone call between the two leaders.

The narrative that’s being played over and over again by the media and the  politicians is that the president threatened to withhold the promised military aid – about $400 million – until the president of Ukraine publicly announced that his country was investigating the Bidens – that is, “digging up dirt” on a political opponent.

Don’t believe the distortions and outright lies…

Here are 7 things you need to know about the impeachment inquiry:

1. The pro-socialist politicians have wanted to impeach President Trump since even before the 2016 election results were in!


Because he’s a threat to the Washington establishment – the Deep State – and to the corruption that lines the pockets of career politicians and bureaucrats with taxpayer dollars.

At the start of his campaign, he attacked the Deep State and promised to “drain the swamp.”

Naturally the Deep State immediately began fighting back. It doesn’t want the “swamp” drained … and its corruption exposed.

He’s also considered to be “dangerous,” “unstable,” “unbalanced” – and other derogatory terms – because the Washington establishment can’t control what he says or what he does.

They hoped they could remove him from office for being unfit to serve as president using the 25th Amendment.

Then they hoped the Mueller investigation and report would lead to articles of impeachment…

Both attempts completely failed.

Now they are trying to impeach him for a phone call to the president of Ukraine.

2. There was no quid pro quo.

For there to be a quid pro quo, the so-called “victim” – the president of Ukraine – would have to understand that the U.S. president was withholding the aid contingent on some action he was being demanded to take.

President Zelensky of Ukraine was not informed during the phone call – nor did he even realize – that the U.S. military aid had been delayed.

He has repeatedly denied ever since the quid pro quo allegation became public that President Trump applied any pressure on him whatsoever to reopen the previously closed investigation of the Bidens and their relationship with the Ukraine natural gas company Burisma Holdings Limited.

Of course, the politicians who are determined to impeach President Trump are ignoring the testimony of the Ukrainian president.

3. President Trump released the transcript of the phone call, proving that there was no quid pro quo.

The anti-Trump politicians – after misquoting and mischaracterizing the transcript of the call – are now desperately trying to establish a quid pro quo via the testimony of establishment, Deep State ambassadors and staffers regarding other conversations or statements of the president that they overheard.

These career politicians – who were mostly appointed by President Obama – are at war with President Trump.

4. The military aid to the Ukraine was delayed – not withheld – for two perfectly legitimate reasons.

The money was delayed because of:

  • The past history of corruption in the Ukraine government. President Trump wanted assurance that the new president was serious about investigating and stopping corruption in his new government.
  • The lack of support of Ukraine by our European allies. President Trump wanted to know why other European countries weren’t also giving military aid to Ukraine.

Like President Trump or not, he was right on these two issues.

5. The military aid was released without any “conditions” being met by the Ukraine government.

No public announcement about investigating the Bidens was made by the Ukrainian president.

There was never any quid pro quo demanded by President Trump…

The real quid pro quo occurred in 2016 when then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine unless a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings was fired.

Click here to see Joe Biden bragging about his quid pro quo with Ukraine.

6. The current House impeachment inquiry is illegitimate, unfair and an abuse of power.

The impeachment hearings are being held in secret.

Selective leaks of selected excerpts of witness statements that appear damaging to President Trump are being spoon-fed to the media in an attempt to control public perception of the hearings.

Republican members of Congress … as well as President Trump’s attorneys … are not permitted to:

  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Call or subpoena witnesses in defense of President Trump
  • Present exculpatory evidence
  • Receive complete transcripts of the proceedings … or of witness statements

We previously wrote about the abandonment of the foundations of due process here.

7. The entire House of Representatives will be required to vote either to impeach or not impeach the President of the United States – without having access to all of the evidence.

The secrecy of this impeachment inquiry is unprecedented…

And it’s damaging to our constitutional republic.

But those who are determined to destroy the Trump presidency don’t care.

Watch this video of Rep Mark Meadows suggesting that the impeachment hearings should be made public so the American people can judge for themselves whether impeachment is warranted (6 ¾ minutes).

Watch this video of Lindsey Graham suggesting that the Senate dismiss a Trump impeachment trial because of the illegitimacy of the hearings (5 minutes).

Watch these two videos. The first is about impeaching President Trump even before he was elected (between 3 ½ and 4 minutes).

The second is about threats made by the intelligence agencies against President Trump for being critical of them in public. (between 7 ½ and 8 minutes).

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  1. Hi Craig! Sure appreciate your clear and detailed explanations of these complex matters. One thing I’m wondering about is what ou wrote in 7. “The entire House of Representatives will be required to vote either to impeach or not impeach the President of the United States – without having access to all of the evidence.” Are you saying that if the dems get their way, and impeachment proceedings start, that the rest of the House not involved with the secret meetings will be forced to do a yay or nay vote right then and there with no time to look over the evidence being brought against the president?

    1. Yes, Deborah, that’s what we’re saying. It will be another situation like the Affordable Care Act, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to vote on it in order to see what’s in it.” The House Intelligence Committee will draw up Articles of Impeachment which the House must approve by a simple majority vote. The Intelligence Committee will most likely present a SUMMARY of the evidence on which the Articles of Impeachment are based, but even if the committee makes all of the transcripts of the testimony and all of the Q&A responses of all of the witnesses available to the entire membership of the House, Pelosi will call for a vote long before all of the House members have a chance to read and digest the material. The committee is selectively leaking to the press only the witness statements that are the most damaging to the president. And they are refusing to allow Republican members of the committee and the president’s legal team to cross-examine the witnesses or call witnesses on Trump’s behalf … or present evidence in defense of the president. And Republican members of the Intelligence Committee are not even allowed to examine the transcripts of the hearing proceedings unless a Democrat staff member is present in the room … in effect looking over their shoulders. It would take weeks, if not months, for all 435 members of the House to read a single copy of the entire transcript of the secret proceedings in a single room with a Democrat staff member present. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t dare make the transcripts available to every member of the House because then they would become available to the public — and the truth about the unfair practice of “leading the witnesses” and the lack of due process would come out in the open.

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