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There are two types of Californians who are currently leaving California:

1. The Californians who want to buy a house – usually young people in the 20’s/30’s range that have young families.

2. The Californians who are retired.


Readers outside of California already know.

It’s because when they see the prices of homes out of state – even huge homes with land – they can’t believe their eyes when they see the prices.

The median home price in California is now $214,000.

In the Frisco area of Texas, where some 7,000 Californians are moving because of Toyota leaving California (Because of the skyrocketing high California taxes and excessive regulations), $214,000 would buy a huge, brand new 4 or 5 bedroom house – a mansion by most middleclass California home standards.

I know families, young and old, who have sold their homes in California and bought bigger and better homes for cash and had plenty of money left over for their retirement or children’s college tuition.

Or look at other areas.

In Youngstown, Warren, Boardman, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, families earning a median income of $52,700 were 90.4% of buyers of new and existing homes sold.

In West Virginia, 97.2% of all homes sold were for those with a median income of $54,100.

If you’re not earning over $150,000 a year in California, you’re not getting a home.

In fact, all five of the “least affordable” housing markets are in California.

Taxes, regulations, unnecessary environmental mandates and frivolous lawsuits all contribute to the outrageous and unsustainable costs created by the liberal politicians.

This housing crisis is a direct result of the liberal democratic policies.

And, despite our incredible weather, millions have fled California.

And the exodus continues.

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