Top 14 for 2014

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Here are the top 14 for 2014.

These are the articles of 2014 you had to read.

These are the ones that were the most controversial.

They got the most comments or forwards.

They were the 2014 all-stars.

You won’t want to miss this!

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Top 14 for 2014 List

14. Islamic State: Genocide against Christians escalates—video

13. How the minimum wage law is hurting the poor, creating greater income inequality and poverty.

12. How Obamacare is hurting millions

11. Guns save lives

10. Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be President?–
powerful video

9. Inflation Alert

8. Have Benefits from your employer? Not for long—my TV interview on Fox

7. Obama’s crazy plan that will destroy, not create jobs—my TV interview

6. Politics as usual

5. Government power to grab to control the news media—video shocker

4. Israel and 8 Shocking realities leading to dangerous consequences

3. 630,000 Californians will have their property confiscated 

2. Tremendous victory for religious freedom—7 things you must know

1. Outrage: Liberal politicians cave-in to CTA money, status quo; Brown, Harris, Torlakson hurt the children, protect bad teachers, help themselves

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