Disturbing: Presidential Candidate Booed for Saying “Socialism is not the Answer:” 7 Flawed Arguments Every American Should Know [Video]

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You should be concerned … VERY concerned.


You see, many presidential candidates – and many political activists – are now openly supporting socialism.

One lone Democrat candidate is not for socialism … and what happened to him should shock you.

John Hickenlooper – the Governor of Colorado – is running for president. He recently said “Socialism is not the answer” during a speech at a gathering of Democrat presidential candidates in San Francisco.

He was soundly booed by the Democrat leadership and activists in the audience. They proudly defended socialism. You must see the embarrassing video at the end of this article.

Here are 7 flawed arguments defending socialism … along with the truths that contradict each one:

Flawed argument #1: It’s not really Socialism; it’s “Democratic” Socialism.

Truth: This is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” argument. The socialists want you to believe that because we still have free elections, their brand of socialism is a form of democracy.

But they still want a government-controlled economy … and government-controlled social institutions – controlled by elite social and economic planners and bureaucrats … with your permission.

What they really want is:

  • Price controls on goods and services – which means an end to free market capitalism … and shortages
  • High taxes on businesses and corporations – which means an end to entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Free “health care” for all – which means rationed health care and long wait times

In other words, what they really want is less individual freedom and more government control over our lives.

Flawed Argument #2. We need the government to “spread the wealth around.”

Truth: Contrary to this popular myth, free market capitalism produces far more wealth to far more people than a socialistic government ever can or will.

More manufacturing and goods-producing jobs have been created – and more people raised above the poverty level – during President Trump’s 2 ½ years in office than during the entire Obama administration.

You don’t spread wealth around by taking it from the rich and giving it to the poor. You spread wealth around by freeing the rich and the entrepreneurs to create more of it – by investing in new businesses and by expanding existing businesses. This creates new jobs … and raises the wages of those who already have jobs.

The expansion of wealth is market-driven, not government mandated and controlled.

Flawed Argument #3: Government-provided social services are fairer and more equitable for everyone.

Truth: Government-provided services result in a massive and unresponsive bureaucracy that consumes and wastes more and more taxpayer dollars while providing less and less in actual services.

Unelected federal bureaucrats write the rules and regulations that determine how services are distributed … and to whom. They almost always end up favoring some groups and discriminating against other groups.

A much fairer system is for local churches and charities to provide the services people need.

Flawed Argument #4. Democratic Socialism doesn’t affect individual liberty.

Truth: The more the government controls business and the economy, the less freedom people have…

Just think about the price of gasoline as one example. When the government – federal, state or local – raises the tax on gasoline by an exorbitant amount, it reduces the freedom of families to take that vacation they were planning … because they now can’t afford the higher cost of filling the gas tank in their car.

Or when government attacks and shuts down a Christian business for violating an anti-discrimination ordinance, it takes away the freedom of the business owner to operate his business consistent with his Christian beliefs … and it takes away your freedom to purchase products from that business – since it no longer exists.

When the government mandates how people spend their income, it stifles – and then kills – their ability to make voluntary free-market economic decisions.

Consider two more examples:

Example One. The socialistic progressive income tax system – which funds socialism’s wealth-transfer programs – is mandatory, not voluntary. Because of this, it discourages hard-working Americans from making voluntary donations to charitable organizations that feed the poor and provide health care and other needed social services.

They may want to give to a social program run by their church … or to another non-profit organization that is helping sick or disabled or homeless people. But they may have little left over after paying their taxes and their own living expenses.

And if they do, they will often rationalize: “I’m paying taxes. Let the government take care of these social problems in my community.”

Example Two. If I want to start a new business, there are a myriad of regulations I have to follow. The government sets fees for licenses, permits, business name registration, and so forth.

It tells me how much I have to pay my employees (via minimum wage laws), what benefits I have to provide in the health care plan I chose, etc., etc., etc. My free-market economic decision-making options are going to be severely limited in a socialistic economy.

Flawed Argument #5. Democratic Socialism doesn’t prevent economic growth.

Truth: An economy never grows rapidly under socialism because there is no financial or economic incentive for workers to succeed – to work overtime … to do more than is required … to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Why should they?

Socialism doesn’t reward people for going the extra mile…

Socialism strives to “equal the playing field” – to make everyone have not only equal opportunity, but to have equal outcome.

This is not how society works…

It goes against human nature … as we will see below.

Flawed Argument #6. Only the government can solve our social and economic problems.

Truth: The socialists are counting on the majority of voters believing this myth when they go to the polls in 2020. But the truth is, whenever a society believes it is government’s responsibility to solve social problems, you have a society that is moving away from a government of the people, by the people, and for the people … and toward a socialist autocracy.

A socialist government has two goals:

  1. To perpetuate itself
  2. To expand its “reach” – its sphere of responsibility – and increase its power and control

Neither of these goals is compatible with solving problems.

You see, if government actually solved problems, it would put itself out of business. Federal departments created to solve housing problems, health problems, economic problems, energy shortages, etc., would be shut down because they would no longer be needed. Government employees would be furloughed (laid off) permanently.

But that never happens…

Instead, problems assigned to government agencies grow larger. More government employees are hired. Bureaucracies expand. Rules and regulations, along with their forms and paperwork, snowball.

A federal, Washington, D.C.-based top-down approach to solving social problems can never match the efficiency and effectiveness of an entrepreneurial, free-market approach.

Bureaucrats sitting behind desks in large office buildings aren’t going to care as much about people suffering in crime-ridden inner cities or in poor rural communities as the entrepreneurs and companies that actually live among the people…

Plus, there is no incentive for government bureaucrats to fix or solve problems. All they care about is collecting their fat paychecks … and their taxpayer-funded health care benefits.

Imagine our health care system and all other social services being operated like the DMV…

Flawed argument #7. If we just try Democratic Socialism, we’ll like it.

Truth: The only people that like Democratic Socialism are the elected professional politicians and government elites who force the rest of us into:

  • Buying products and services we don’t want
  • Paying taxes to support causes we don’t agree with
  • Paying higher prices for everything
  • Suffering shortages and long wait times for things we really do need

When government takes over an industry and sets prices for a commodity, shortages result. This creates economic upheaval … and personal misery.

What’s happening in Venezuela with utility services – water, gas and electricity – is a good example.

Winston Churchill called socialism “the philosophy of failure,” saying that “its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Thousands of Venezuelans have been protesting that “equal sharing of misery” in the streets of Caracas and other cities…

You can be sure that the government elites in Venezuela are not suffering from a lack of water or electricity!

 Socialism in all its forms has failed everywhere it has been implemented:

  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Venezuela
  • The USSR – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • The Nazi (National Socialist) Party of Germany

And yet. college campuses teach it … and millennials increasingly favor it over capitalism.

Politicians are embracing it.

The media proclaims it.

I talk about the behind-the-scenes socialism of the Deep State in chapter 15 of my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know.

Deep State bureaucrats and politicians are committed to ever-expanding government bureaucracy and ever-expanding government power.

Their solution to every social injustice … every economic fluctuation … every legal dispute … is bigger government, more government regulations, more unelected bureaucratic rule-makers working hard to restrict your freedom.

In chapter 15 of my book, I outline 10 consequences of this socialist mindset – consequences that affect you and your family.

You need to be familiar with these consequences so you will be able to see them coming … and take action to stop them before they get out of control … and take away your freedom and your independence.

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Watch this video of Democrat presidential candidates being booed at the California Democrat Convention in San Francisco for making anti-Socialist statements (7 minutes).

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  1. Excellent article! Socialism is not a Godly answer to help people as they that want it try to force us into. Socialism is for a darkened, braindead society. Our one and only solution is from Almighty God.

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