How One College is Fighting Back the Radical Socialist Agenda

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Why do they hate America? 

Why do they oppose individual liberty? 

Why are so many young people antisemitic? 

The radical socialists in the public high schools and colleges dominate the faculty and the administration, teaching ideology and political transformation.  They are indoctrination mills. 

But there are a few private and Christian colleges that have not compromised their values. 

Pepperdine University President Jim Gash has had enough of radical colleges that do not teach but indoctrinate our kids to hate America, free enterprise, Christian religion, Western civilization, our values, and our traditions.  

This has created 2 generations of young people who are intolerant of anything that differs from or challenges their radical ideology. 

Censorship and antisemitism are the result and have become an epidemic on college campuses nationwide. 

Gash is appalled at the state of American higher education and calls for universities to reverse course and preserve American values.  

Gash wrote an op-ed piece in The Messenger saying: 

“Nowhere is the struggle to preserve core American values more intense than on university campuses… nowhere should our resolve be stronger to defend democracy-enabling freedoms that in our universities.” 

Pepperdine University is preserving American values: 

  • Freedom 
  • Faith 
  • Self-Governance 
  • Humility 

“These are the values my university is instilling in our students and should be the values we inculcate in our youth as they come through college campuses,” Gash said. “We can’t be passive and let cultural society tell us what we should believe. We have to have an informed citizenry and civil dialogue and talk about the hard issues.” 

Gash said it starts with the teachers. “We have to hire teachers who believe in free speech, free markets, faith, and American values.” 

Click HERE to watch the 4-minute video of Pepperdine University President Jim Gash discussing the state of American higher education and how his school is preserving American values. 

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