Border Crisis

Border Crisis: Are we Due for Another Terror Attack?

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The host asked me if I was afraid of another terrorist attack.

I told him point blank, “Yes… I’m afraid of another 9-11 attack within 2024.”

I recently spoke with Rob Shilling, host of Shilling Show, on his national radio/video podcast about the looming threat of a terrorist attack within the United States.

Click HERE to listen to my interview.

I went on to explain how the Biden administration’s failed border policies have endangered us all.

“Terrorists are entering the country through the southern border,” I said. “They’ve caught over one hundred that are on the terrorist watch. And there have been thousands who we don’t know… who we didn’t catch—The “gotaways” that come from China, Russia, Iran, and other places that hate the United States and want to destroy us.”

Click HERE to listen to my interview

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • There are 1.8 million “gotaways”… Who are they? Why are they hiding?
  • Terrorist “sleeper cells” waiting to strike
  • Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea forming a new “Axis” power
  • Why we are vulnerable to a cyber-attack or attack on our water supply or power grid

Click HERE to listen to my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 25 minutes long.

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  1. Mr. Biden makes me sick when he’s talking about protecting the borders…of Ukraine and Israel ( I support the later, but not the former corresponding to their status as Democracies)..but not the USA!!!!!!

  2. If not an “attack” from outside players, or insiders due to the millions of undocumented illegals, communist entities in high places who hate with a passion America, or jihad etc., if the current administration is recruited once again by the DS, that will constitute a terrorist front in which they’ll seize the moment to squash those in opposition.
    Those who identify as conservative are a target, and in their way to supposed “progressive ends”. We’re the “problem” according to Joey. This country cannot afford another four more years of Bidenomics nor failed policy abroad or domestic.
    Germany? China? Canada? New Zealand? Venezuela? Sounds far fetched I know (dictatorship in the U.S.) but we’ve seen these types of overthrows or maniacal leaders and severe punishments on those who resist any radical authorities or dictatorship. The Dems are 180 degrees bent on retaining power, and we’ve seen what “those in high places” can do when they want what they want. They do what they wish, with impunity, and there is no fear of God before their eyes.

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