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Historic Mass Rioting: Lockdowns in China Spurs Opposition Far Greater Than Anything We’ve Seen in the Past — Here Are 8 Things You Should Know [VIDEO]

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It could be the end of Communist China…

It could be the beginning of a horrific new conflict with China…

Or it could be the birth of China becoming a free society… Or even more Totalitarian.

It’s shocking how quickly China has turned into revolt and turmoil.

It’s surprising that our government has not said anything about the protests or shown any moral support for the protestors or allowed them access to free internet so the Chinese people can see what is happening without government censorship.

Here are 8 things you should know:

#1: Communist/Socialist COVID lockdowns are about complete control and compliance of the populace

The Chinese COVID protocols are not about COVID. In the Chinese city of Dalian, there are over 6 million people…

However, there were only 52 COVID cases — the majority were asymptomatic.
Yet, thousands are locked in their homes by the police and military for weeks, some left to go hungry.

Thousands of pets have been killed- beaten to death with clubs to “stop the spread of COVID.”

Shanghai, a city of over 26 million, has been completely shut down, effectively becoming the world’s largest prison. There are now over 70 major cities completely shut down in China, despite no “official” COVID deaths registered anywhere in the country.

The people have had enough of the draconian COVID lockdowns and the Communist Chinese Party’s (CCP) zero-tolerance COVID policies.

This is an impossible bar that Chinese President Xi Jinping has set for the country… The people are so fed up with the government’s COVID policies that protestors are toppling covid-19 testing booths—People have reached their breaking point. They’re fighting back in anger. They have had enough!

COVID isn’t a threat… But political unrest in the country is, and the CCP will do everything possible to stop it and grow its control.

#2: The protests are spreading… and growing

No one can forget the unidentified Chinese man who stood in front of a column of tanks in the middle of Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 5th, 1989.

It happened a day after the Chinese government violently put down a mob of protestors—students who wanted more freedom from the oppressive Communist/Socialist Chinese government.

Ironically, 33 years later, Chinese citizens are rising against tyranny, even as pro-socialist American bureaucrats move closer and closer to emulating China and implementing their draconian policies here in America.

The people of China are fed up. They are fed up with the CCP controlling everything they say and do. They are sick and tired of being under complete control.

The Chinese Communist Party’s total disrespect for the rights of the individual has reached a breaking point… and the CCP will not tolerate any unrest.

Many of the protestors seen on TV are holding white sheets of paper…


Because the white sheets of paper represent the loss of free speech and represent everything they are not allowed to say, read, or write.

Unlike the United States, China has no constitution or bill of rights guaranteeing free speech, freedom to protest peacefully, or any other God-given rights we enjoy here in America.

In China, the people have no rights. The police or the military can jail or execute protestors at the whim of the communist regime.

Note: To see the video of the protests, click on the link at the end of this article.

#3: Will the chaos in China destabilize the world?

The current unrest in China makes things unpredictable for the rest of the world.

Will China invade Taiwan or accelerate its military aggression against Japan, the entire Pacific, or the United States?

Or will they be preoccupied with killing all internal opposition against the communist regime in China?

#4: Unrest in China will Affect America

China accounted for over 28%of global manufacturing output in 2019, and China accounts for over 22% of all U.S. imports.

Everything from electronics, machinery, rare earth metals and even our pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China.

Since the lockdowns, there is already a shortage of antibiotics, like amoxicillin.

#5: China is a surveillance state

China makes the totalitarian state in the novel 1984 look tame by comparison—They control everything.

China has over 500 million surveillance cameras that operate 24/7 to spy on its citizens.

They control what people see on the internet and TV and what they hear on the radio and in the news.

They use cell phones and other electronic devices to listen to private conversations and monitor text messages.

They gather information and give everyone social credit scores—if you are an obedient citizen, you get rewarded… If you are disobedient, you are punished.

Everything in China is censored.

China’s state broadcasting heavily edited the World Cup game in Qatar, so people in China could only see shots of people in the crowd wearing COVID masks — All to give the Chinese people the impression that COVID is still a major pandemic and very dangerous, and that the government’s drastic COVID measures are necessary.

It’s a police state, and the people are fighting against it.

#6: Apple and other U.S. corporations are Helping the CCP

S. corporations like Apple are cooperating with the CCP to suppress the people of China. Apple used a recent software update to block Apple’s Airdrop, a content-sharing feature on the iPhone, so people couldn’t easily share information and communicate with other protestors.

Apple has billions of dollars invested in China and can’t afford to hurt its relationship with the communist government. After all, China manufactures Apple’s iPhones and other devices and components, and they can’t afford to make their CCP partners made.

So, Apple has a self-interest in obeying the CCP’s orders. Yet despite Apple’s compliance, the company expects a shortage of over 6 million iPhones this year due to the lockdowns.

How can Apple CEO Tim Cook and other top executives at the company live with themselves and support the murderous Communist regime in China against the people of China who want to be free?

It’s horrific and unimaginable that American companies would not support freedom.

#7: The Biden Administration and Pro-Socialist Politicians Are Silent

For over 200 years, America has been the beacon of freedom to people worldwide. Yet, for some strange reason, President Biden has been eerily silent regarding the protests in China.

Biden has stayed quiet on China’s human rights violations…

Biden hasn’t commented on its enslavement of the Muslim Uighurs in the country or the persecuted Christians.

The Biden administration’s weak response is no mystery. After all, they have allowed China to gain more and more control over our economy, and many bureaucrats in D.C. look to China as a shining example of how we should govern here.

No one from Biden’s administration has shown any moral support for the protestors because they admire China and how they control its people.

For example, according to Dr. Fauci’s sworn testimony before Congress, he based his COVID lockdown protocols on China’s lockdown protocols, which he said; “Impressed him.”

The Chinese people, unlike the American people, have had enough. They are fighting back against the oppressive Communist/Socialist policies of the CCP — They are fighting for freedom!

And if we are not careful, the same oppressive Communist/Socialist policies of the CCP will be here in America if the socialist politicians and bureaucrats in the U.S. have their way.

#8: The Return of Concentration Camps

After Allied forces freed the survivors of the horrific holocaust during WWII, the world pledged that this would never happen again… Over 70 years later, the concentration camps are back, and the United States and the rest of the world remain silent.

All across China, “quarantine” camps are being built. Thousands of citizens are being taken by force, separated from family and friends, and placed in these unsanitary, make-shift facilities. No one knows how long they will be there… weeks… months… longer?

One camp can hold over 50,000 people. People are crammed in like sardines, living side by side with thousands of others, without walls or showers, and with ceiling lights on around the clock, all the time being monitored by surveillance cameras.

The Biden Administration is showing no support for the protestors in China who want freedom.

The American media celebrates China’s “dedication to health and wellness in fighting COVID” and seems okay with China’s “concentration camps.”

China’s hellish, dystopian nightmare is celebrated by the socialist bureaucrats in Europe and the United States as a model for governance that should be followed.

China’s COVID policies are a tool for social control and to eliminate anyone who doesn’t comply willingly.

Note: Here is a good worthwhile 13-minute video. Hear Tucker Carlson’s take on the China protests and see the graphic footage on The Tucker Carlson Show.

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