The Uber Driver Effect: The Little-Known Secret Uber Drivers Know About What’s Happening in the Election

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Uber drivers in key states and districts won by Democrats know a dirty little secret.

It’s not well understood, but it’s part of how the Democrats were able to win, and the Republicans lose.

It’s basically through strategy and organization that’s 15 years ahead of the Republican establishment.

The Republican party and its consultants are still politicking the old-fashioned way.

The Democrats have learned to do it far better, and that’s what Uber drivers know.

For example, in Arizona, individual Uber drivers moved hundreds of carloads of volunteers and paid staff members who have come from outside Arizona to campaign in the state.

The Uber drivers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of outsiders. These outsiders came as door-to-door knockers, phone canvassers, and phone and texting experts.

These paid staffers and volunteers were from Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Illinois, New York, D.C., Minnesota, and New England. They were all there to make sure the Democrats won in Arizona.

Once the radical-left organizations of the Democrat party target a state and congressional district, people are deployed to the area and begin their work.

One thing these Democrat organizers were doing is registering people to vote.

All states have different voter registration laws. In Arizona, you must register 29 days before the election.

People who came to Arizona to work on the campaign came in September (or before) into October and could register to vote… In other words, they may have the intention of returning to the state, or they may be registered in a different state to vote… and many of these outsiders did so.

As soon as the election is over, the Uber driver is overwhelmed with calls to take the outside volunteers to the airport.

Uber drivers are also used to bring Democrat voters who can’t drive or need a ride to the polls, all arranged by the Democrat volunteer organization. Uber drivers take these armies of volunteers to different locations in the state, based on where they are needed, for them to efficiently work on the campaign.

Right now, in Georgia, Uber drivers are extremely busy driving around the mass of Democrat volunteers that have descended into the state.

Sadly, all the people going to Georgia are Democrats… There are only a handful of Republicans there to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

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  1. Telling people how they should vote, to me, is a form of cheating and coercion. And how many of those “voters” were illegal and controlled by the Cartel, who told them to vote Democrat? It’s quite advantageous for both the Cartel and Democrats, that the border remain open because of the millions they’re making from human trafficking. Has it gotten to the point where Republicans, who are supposed to be more God-fearing than Democrats, want to win they have to cheat? The way is being paved for the Antichrist, so all we can continue to do is stand against the rising evil, and even though we may lose on Earth, we will win in Heaven! And all these cheaters will have their judgment day!

  2. What do I think? I think you need to tell the Republican National Committee and Legislators who can stop this. There has to be an end to all this cheating!

  3. The Christain Church needs to be united in voting for the party that promotes biblical values and that is the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Instead we are divided by the “red church” & the “blue church”. The Red Church votes for & supports biblical values & causes then the “blue church” cancels the red vote and votes for worldly-wickedness ie: pro-murder, immorality, covetousness, enslavement, etc. either because they are deceived by the main stream media, have little to no interest in understanding politics, lack discernment, are uninformed by Pastors, or are Christian in name only…CINO.
    Christian Churches need to teach and explain to their people the importance of voting for biblical values which are championed by Conservative Republican legislators, but the majority of churches don’t and too many members are confused. Politics divide and so does Christ.
    Christian’s who believes that it is ok to vote Democrat… Please explain.

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