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Help Us Transform Our Culture and Politics with Our Voter Guide – Including Judges [See What They Say]

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Across America, people do not know how to vote in the upcoming November election.

They don’t know who to vote for judges.

They also don’t know who to vote for city council or school board.

They don’t know who to vote for county and state officials in order to transform our culture and politics in the right direction.

The radicals use a strategic voter guide that is so powerful it actually changes the election outcome.

Voter guides are a powerful, little-known tool used by the radicals.

That’s why we have created our own voter guide… your secret weapon to help you vote for, not against, your values.

And it works. I’ve received dozens of notes and comments like this:

  • Craig, I used your Voter Guide to fill in my ballot. I trust you and your staff to tell the truth about the candidates. It’s the only way we can really know where these candidates stand. I appreciate you doing all this effort to keep our elections fair and impartial. I went to see and hear a candidate for San Diego County sheriff and was put off because he was endorsed ONLY BY DEMOCRAT ORGANIZATIONS. Thanks, but no thanks. Where can we find out who was elected in this Primary? I don’t watch local news anymore because of the “regressive, not progressive” slant of the news. Thank y’all and God Bless You. – John
  • Craig, Thank you for your outstanding assistance with the overwhelming ballot. I, and many friends, could not have completed it without your invaluable guidance. Most appreciative. – Sharon
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being able to provide information that just isn’t “out there” – Pam

We created our voter guide to impact the election and make positive change. We will help you choose the right judges to vote for.

We have a secret weapon that can go viral… and has changed election outcomes!

But… we need your help.

In this last primary election, there were many areas we could not cover because we did not have enough funding.

We covered all the judges nationwide but for the first time in 20 years, we could only cover 22 counties out of 58 counties in California.

And we weren’t able to cover all the local races like we have in the past.

Only with your help by donating $10 or more, are we going to be able to have the voter guide for you and others to use for the upcoming election.

People send the voter guide to their family and to their friends.

People pass the voter guide out at church.

They use the voter guide themselves, and then share it with others, multiplying in its effectiveness.

Those who go door to door share the voter guide. And those who search the internet for a voter guide or election information find it because of our advanced marketing techniques.

But if we don’t have the money, we can’t put this together. It is up to people like you to chip in to make a difference.

We have a very short window of opportunity.

We only have a couple of months before the November election begins to do:

  • Research
  • Verification
  • Posting
  • Fact checking
  • Promotion
  • Advertising

If you can help us with $10 or more, that would be awesome.

And if you’re in an area that we aren’t covering, please think about sponsoring that area.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an area, send me a note at or call C.C. at 615-490-8832.

Every penny raised will be used for the voter guide.


You can donate the following ways:

  1. Donate Online!!
  2. By phone – Call 1-866-382-2226.
  3. By mail – Send a check to:

Turn America Around Fund

2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488

Nashville, TN 37203


Thanks in advance for your help and support.

And thanks for praying to turn America around.

Craig Huey

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