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Your Pastor and SCOTUS: Roe v. Wade Decision [What Happened at Your Church?]

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Did your pastor mention the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision?

Many pastors mentioned it.

Many pastors ignored it.

I’ll have a report on pastors in the next issue.

But did your pastor mention it? What did he say?

Let’s see what readers say…

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  1. Yes. My Pastor in CA mentioned it in his sermon. We pro lifers in the church were happy R vs W was overturned. Jubilee time for the unborn. Pastor said he felt it. I also felt a spiritual change the day it happened, there was less… de-monic oppression! Across USA pro life Christians rejoiced!

  2. My Pastor in CA mentioned it in his prayer before the sermon, thanking God for the decision and asking for protection for the pro-life centers. He also asked God that those who identify as pro-life, especially believing pro-life will be known as people of compassion, people with love, with understanding, that we wont just run around arrogantly happy, but instead come alongside with humility to those who disagree and attempt to meet then on common ground in order to lead them to Christ.

  3. I was shocked that my pastor who is a good guy did not make a tiny mention of it!!!!!!!!!!! I watched Jack Hibbs CCVH before I went to church and they were jumping up and down cheering. I consider Jack my other pastor. I watch him every Wednesday and Sunday. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about my pastor? He also said he does not believe in praying for the peace of Jerusalem!? I am sad!:(

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