Government Schools: Dumbing Down Kids, Destroying Opportunity

Government Schools: Dumbing Down Kids, Destroying Opportunity

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Under the radar of most people, public education is falling under the control of big business, well-connected contractors, and labor unions.

Not the parents, and not to help the kids.

Their interests have little to do with the best interests of the students and the parents.

Bloated bureaucracies, slanted curricula, waste, predator teachers, and disconnected school boards are creating an inadequate, slanted education.

The latest scandal?

Kids are learning nothing, and yet the school system gives them high marks.

A record number of American students are graduating with high school diplomas, but fewer than 40% of them are prepared for college-level work!

There is a technical term for this travesty: grade inflation.

In New York City schools, 85% of students were earning A’s and B’s, but only 10% pass the state exams.

California, South Carolina, and Tennessee eliminated a final exit exam to receive a high school diploma.

Alaska, Wisconsin, and Wyoming lowered the minimum credit requirement to graduate.

In Connecticut, graduation has turned into nothing more than social promotion, where local school boards decide the standards for graduation, but never enforce anything more than attendance.

School districts are automatically giving students 50 out of 100, even if they turn in nothing. Students are frequently permitted to turn work in late, to retake tests (sometimes with the books open), or limit the percentage that one’s homework grade counts toward final grades.

How do students expect to fare well in the workplace, in the real world, when they have experienced no consequences for bad work—or for good?

These are liberal, progressive policies. Most school boards are controlled by liberal, Democratic politicians.

They are creating a new class of uninformed, uneducated, easily frustrated people.

They are only taught one point of view, that there are no moral values, and that tolerance is the god of the age.

They see world dead-set against them ever succeeding … making them the perfect prospective voter who buys the progressive worldview, and becomes dependent on the government.

Education is the battleground for this country, where students learn to love or to hate principles of freedom, liberty, and family, and to embrace truth or swallow unfounded dogma.

Let’s fight to ensure that our children have good schools, better teachers, and the freedom to learn.

Sign this petition to end Common Core, another government program created in collusion with big business, which is hurting our kids. Click here.

Sign this petition to stop predatory teachers who harm our kids. Click here.

Please share these petitions with friends and neighbors, too. Let’s take back public education from the special interests and restore power back to parents and their kids.

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  1. As a teacher I have personally been written up for too many “low grades.” Teachers in my district and school have also been encouraged to accept late work, give minimum scores, ignore missing work, and give open book or open notes tests as well as retakes and test corrections in order to raise test, and therefore final–grades. The district speaks with “forked tongue”: “teachers need to have high standards and high expectations,” but “all students should score proficient or advanced in all areas.” Sorry, that is statistically and realistically impossible given a general population.
    I have also been written up when all the students were not on the same task at the same moment. The task was dependent on the students’ being prepared by the previous night’s assignment. Who was “off task” were students who did not complete the assignment!

    As for the Common Core in math, the idea is great, but the implementation is horrible. CC is a whole new way of thinking. Theoretically it is to teach our students to think, discover, problem solve and persevere. However, after years of not requiring such things, it is very difficult to expect change of habits in students who have been told that just getting the answer was all that was required. It would have been better to implement the CC in phases starting with K-1 and working our way up. If there were good results with the new method, it would stick and eventually make its way up through the grade levels. Again…IF…THEN…! I have yet to see our district stick with anything for more than 7 years.

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