Game Changer: The Black Vote – Socialism or Capitalism? Freedom or Collectivism? [Video]

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A major shift is taking place among black voters.

While many so-called black leaders – including many vocal black pastors – remain caught up in the past cycle of identity politics, more and more black voters are recognizing that free enterprise and capitalism are lifting the black population out of poverty.

Blacks are being given more opportunities … and are earning higher incomes than ever before.

Watch this great 12-minute video of Candace Owens debating Harvard philosophy Professor Dr. Cornel West regarding what President Trump has accomplished for blacks since he became president.

Note: I will be at FreedomFest with Candace Owens in Las Vegas this year … along with over 200 other featured speakers and workshop sessions. The conference is at the Paris Resort July 17-20.

I hope you can make it. It’s a must see.

You can get full details here.

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  1. At karaoke bars I attend and I attend a lot of different ones, we have very diverse crowds. There are interracial relationships. I have never heard anyone disparage any race conservative or redneck. we all great and enjoy each other. I just wonder where is all this racial unrest that certain factions keep pushing. Did you know Trump and his family has as a CEO and a friend a black woman. Prior to running for president Trump introduced a hispanic friend of mine who waited his table to all his guests, bought my friend a glass of wine and then tipped him $100. After that he proceeded to the kitchen to tip them equally as well. Doesn’t sound at all like what most of the media accuses him of.

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