Adoption Under Attack: 7 Shocking Things You Should Know About the Assault on Christian Adoption Agencies

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Across America, Christian adoption agencies are under attack.

And across America, those who defend these agencies are under attack.

The media and the socialist politicians want to control aspects of our life so much that our religious liberties are being assaulted.

Let me explain what is happening.

  1. Christian adoption agencies are being banned in state after state.

Over the years, I’ve written about how states that have passed anti-discrimination laws – laws that demonize the biblical worldview that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman only – are trampling on religious liberty and forcing, not tolerance, but acceptance of same-sex marriage.

This means that in many states, Christian adoption agencies – including Catholic charities – have been forced to go out of business because they won’t accept the mandate that they must place children up for adoption in same-sex homes.

Evangelical and Catholic adoption agencies and charities are not trying to force their beliefs on anyone. Yet they are being accused of discrimination and bigotry … and are being told they must either violate their sincerely held Christian beliefs or shut down.

Any adoption agency or entity that disagrees with same-sex marriage is banned and outlawed.

  1. It is morally right to promote adoption, not abortion.

Churches should encourage people to adopt.

This is the number one alternative to abortion.

On a personal note, I thank God for my parents who adopted me. If the laws in place today were the same when I was born, I would probably not be here today.

So, we need to stand up and adopt, whenever possible.

  1. The real battle isn’t about homosexual adoption – it’s about religious liberty.

Homosexual couples can adopt from many different secular agencies. They aren’t forced to apply with Christian and Catholic charities. They do so for one reason only: to try to force faith-based adoption agencies to accept same-sex marriage.

  1. The children are the real losers in this battle.

The big losers in all of this are the kids in desperate need of adoption.

Same-sex couples rejoice when they win anti-discrimination lawsuits against Christian adoption agencies, forcing them out of business. They seem to believe their need for affirmation and acceptance is more important than the First Amendment rights of the adoption agencies … or the well-being of needy children.

  1. The best families: father and mother as God designed.

In today’s society, many Christians are divorced, resulting in many single-parent families. These single parents are often doing a great job of raising their kids.

But God’s design for marriage and the family is for one man and one woman. They complement each other. The mother and father are designed for childrearing together.

As always, the Bible is correct in its model of how we should live. Many studies have proven that a natural two-parent family of mother and father is best for children emotionally, mentally, socially … and in developing self-control and self-sufficiency.

But to the socialists and LGBTQ+ advocates, it’s about what they want, not about what’s best for children.

  1. Some states are acting to protect religious liberty.

In some states, government leaders are making it clear that adoption is not about what the LGBTQ community wants, but about what’s best for children.

At least 9 states have passed laws that grant religious exemptions to faith-based foster care and adoption agencies…

And other states are considering similar measures…

Same-sex adoption is NOT banned in any of these states … despite what the ACLU says.

At the federal level, President Trump advocates protecting the First Amendment rights of faith-based organizations…

“We will always protect our country’s long and proud tradition of faith-based adoption,” he said at the National Prayer Breakfast last February. “My administration is working to ensure that faith-based adoption agencies are able to help vulnerable children find their forever families while following their deeply-held beliefs.”

  1. Here’s what needs to be done.

We need to stop the socialist and LGBTQ+ groups from trying to regulate and control our lives. You can help accomplish this by:

  1. Supporting religious freedom restoration laws in your state. This means electing state legislators who support these laws and will sponsor and write the legislation.
  2. Supporting a federal law that would give protection to these agencies nationwide. This means voting for congress members who believe in this.

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  1. Federal or State law solutions, while plausible, are not optimum. The best solution would be to affirm that such adoption laws violate the First Amendment of the Constitution. The situation is no different than refusing to bake a wedding cake because of religious beliefs, not not violating beliefs by forced payment of insurance coverage, and closing a business on a religious holiday.

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