FDA Out of Control: Destroying Our Health and Freedom

FDA Out of Control: Destroying Our Health and Freedom

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The government bureaucracy, like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says they want to help.

Don’t believe it.

In the name of protecting us, the FDA is once again taking away consumer choice …

… And helping big money pharmaceutical companies (and donors).

Crony capitalists use bureaucracies like the (FDA). They intervene to create a monopoly, which benefits a few well-connected corporations at the expense of small business owners, individual taxpayers, and the consumers.

The FDA has been trying for a long time to pull dietary supplements off the market.

Ronald Reagan summed up government intervention best:

“The nine most dangerous words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help!’”

Here is the latest assault on our health and freedom:

Vinpocetine: this dietary supplement is based on an extraction from the Periwinkle flower, and helps blood circulation in the brain.

The FDA wants to take it off the market. Why? To help major pharmaceutical companies make an exclusive patent for the drug and get rich ripping off customers through a government-backed monopoly.

So far, attorneys in defense of the supplemental market have fought back, reminding the FDA that they do not have the power to regulate products based on extracts from plants.

Under the Trump Administration, there will be substantial reform of the FDA, so that abuses like the ones against Vinpocetine don’t happen.

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  1. When it comes to the FDA holding drugs/treatments off the market for years, when they could possibly cure a person with serious and usually terminal health issues, is, in my estimation insanity. The least they could do is allow them to be used until and unless they are “proven” to not work. There is obviously a lot of crony-capitalism going on between the Gov. and Big Pharma. I’m elated that we finally got someone like Trump in there, to bring a screeching halt to the greedy scumbags who are never satisfied having more money than they could spend in ten lifetimes. It’s no wonder there was so much big money spent to stop him by keeping another crooked Clinton under their thumbs.

  2. Craig Hewey, thank you so much for bringing this to light. We all need to contact our representatives etc. Is there a petition we can sign? I never want my freedom to use natural substances that have little if any side effects taken from me. Furthermore, I also don’t want our freedom to manufacture or sell natural herbal or vitamin supplements or the use and ability to purchase taken away by the greedy pharmaceuticals and the equally corrupt FDA. They no longer put the well-being of the people as the top priority, it has become a part of the dangerous power and money game. Have you read brain surgeon Russell Blaylocks “Excitotoxins” book?

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