Protect Christians from Annihilation!

Save the Christians from Genocide! [Petition]

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Election 2016 has ended.

We have a new President-elect, who has sworn to protect Christians and religious liberties.

We are certain that Trump will sign Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s HR 4017, legislation that will grant emergency refugee status to Christians in the Middle East.

But he can’t sign it if the bill doesn’t come out of committee for a floor vote in the House!

Right now, a Christian is killed every 30 minutes for his or her faith!

Men are slaughtered.

Women are raped.

Children often watch their parents die right before their eyes. Children are often kidnapped, raped, forced to become Muslims.

If they do not cooperate, then they are maimed (hands and feet cut off) or murdered.

Christian Refugees (Credit: Voice of the Persecuted)

Christian Refugees (Credit: Voice of the Persecuted)

Please sign our petition to “Save the Christians from Genocide.” With a new President and a stable Republican Congress, we can put renewed pressure on our lawmakers to get Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s bill HR 4017 out of committee and up for a floor vote.

Click here.

Let us know if you have any questions.

And please share the petition with as many people as you can.

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at

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  1. This seems such a noble rescue! My first response is a resounding yes, we must do whatever we can to rescue these people from terrorism, torture, and violent deaths, genocide. And then my frail lack of faith and self-centered insecurity wonders and searches for all the “what if’s”. I am coming to the conclusion that all of my “what if’s” are not relevant to my answer if I am truly committed to love thy neighbor. I am Christian first. That means I am sold out to love and truth. Christ himself died for my rescue. That alone should have been the only example I needed, but it wasn’t enough for me to send my child or anybody else’s to risk their life for the sake of others. Then after much soul searching I have come to the conclusion that each apostle that lost their life, and hundreds of thousands of men and women who have given their lives to better mine and my family’s, in which there is no expression of love and gratitude, but to offer the same love, life, and Liberty to these refugees that the unforgotten heroes and Christ himself sacrificed for. My answer to the USA taking heroic action to save these people is absolutely. Happy Thanksgiving Craig Hewey, thank you for causing me to live fully without fear of the, “what if’s”.

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