Explosive Debate this Week: Gavin Newsom vs. Ron DeSantis

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Gavin Newsom hates Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

He’s spending millions of dollars in ads attacking Ron DeSantis. He gives speeches against Ron DeSantis. He’s on TV attacking Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis definitely doesn’t like Gavin Newsom.

When Newsom attacked DeSantis, The Florida Governor attacked back, exposing Newsom’s economic and social policy failures.

It’s a hate-hate relationship, and it will be an interesting debate.

The epic debate between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is bound to be explosive and will air Thursday, November 30th.

This will not be polite—in fact, it will be a tough debate.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are set for an epic, explosive debate on Thursday, November 30th.

This will not be polite; it will be a tough debate.

DeSantis threw down the challenge to Newsom when he shared a brutal video on X about what a country under “President” Newson might look like … and it’s not pretty, as the opening line states: “Decline is a choice and success is attainable. As President, I [DeSantis] will lead America’s revival.”

Click HERE to see the “ouch” video.

DeSantis, a Republican conservative, is known for his no-nonsense, powerful conservative messages that are consistent and powerful in exposing the nonsensical rhetoric of his opponents and media bias… which will definitely be on display during the debate.

However, as I’ve said in the past, I’ve been a leader in opposing Newsom in California for over 30 years.

Very few know Newsom the way I do.

Gov. Newsom is one of the most articulate, smart, cunning political operatives. He doesn’t speak about pro-ideological dogma, or his radical socialist beliefs.

In fact, he understands conservative positions and directly addresses them.

During his debate with Sean Hannity on his Fox News show, Hannity had no chance.

Ron DeSantis could easily be outmaneuvered by Newsom and slammed…

However, Newsom is extremely vulnerable.

His disastrous pro-socialist policies of anti-freedom and anti-family have turned California into a heaven for lawlessness, the homeless, and for failed government.

His policies when he was Mayor of San Francisco have destroyed that city, and his stints as Lt. Gov. to Governor have destroyed the whole state of California.

However, according to Newsom, everything is great in California.

Any problems are because of other people—big corporations, Republicans, right-wing extremists.

Many are speculating that this is one of Gavin Newsom’s plans to position himself for a Vice President role or for President on the Democratic ticket in 2024.

I remember when Ronald Reagan debated Robert F. Kennedy. Both wanted to be president. Kennedy took a risk debating with Raegan and thought he could beat him.

Raegan took a risk in debating Kennedy, who was a polished debater, believing that his ability to communicate “truth” would win the debate.

The debate put Robert Kennedy on the map, as well as Reagan. Both became serious contenders for president. The debate helped raise their credibility that they both could do it.

Both Reagan and Kennedy were mocked before the debate.

For example, the consensus was that Ronald Raegan could read a script but could not be spontaneous and certainly was not smart. They were wrong.

The same goes for this debate between DeSantis and Newsom.

The 90-minute debate will take place Nov. 30 in Georgia, with Fox News host Sean Hannity moderating, and will air at 9 p.m. on his prime-time show on Fox News.

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  1. I hope I can watch this. Newsom has just come back from a world tour on “climate change” and he promised CA tax payer money to china then invited XI to visit him in San Francisco. Talk about Russian election interference….this is China election interference right in our faces. No commie leader should be invited to visit a governor in the US – Newsom is wealthy off our tax money and this is how he spends it – glorifying his future. CA is ruined businesses leaving left and right, no middle class worker can afford to purchase a home, inflation reigns and Newsom put in place laws where middle class residential neighborhoods can be destroyed – more and more he is controlling how individual cities spend their money…he is a narcissist maybe a sociopath. Pelosi is his aunt and she still wields power. Yes he will run in Biden’s place and he will pick a new V.P. to run with him – someone Obama approves of.

  2. To everyone who is NOT in CA (aka Comifornia) ( and those who ARE in CA and are out of touch): You do NOT want Newsome in the White House! He is out of touch, and a hypocrite (rules for thee and not for me–you stay at home, you build more low income housing in your city). Like The Big Guy, he cares more about protecting citizens of OTHER countries (send Ukraine guns) than protecting US citizens (you need to this, this and that and that and wait for this long and MAYBE it will be okay for you to have a gun that I approve of) . These two both think China is a leader to be followed! Really? CCP/Xi burns more coal, incarcerates folks who complain about the dictator, kills those folks for their organs, tracks them and spies on them 24/7, decides who can buy and sell, and lies to and steals from other nations (including the US).

  3. I live in California and I want the American people to know my granddaughter had to quit school her freshman year of high school because of THAT Gavin Newsome!! We have chosen over the years NOT to IMMUNIZE the children in my family. THAT IS OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE!! Because of it, THAT Newsome, wouldn’t allow any non immunized students to attend school!! They could go any where in public, but not school. YOU EXPLAIN THAT IGNORANT DECISION TO ME!!
    Is that the kind of dictator the American people want for president??!!

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