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Evangelical Leaders: Is Israel War Part of Biblical Prophecy?

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Over the years, I’ve seen Bible prophecies unfold.

What about the latest Israel war?

This has sparked Pastors, Bible scholars, and Christians to turn to the Bible for guidance and to see if the prophecies are applicable to the current news.

Although the Israeli/Gaza war takes place in an area the size of New Jersey, Israel is central to Bible prophesy. Such a conflict can escalate and quickly put the whole world into war.

Cornè J Bakker, Dean of the Divinity School at Regent University in Virginia Beach, said, “The story of the Jewish people is central to the biblical story. The return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land after WWII reflects biblical prophecies.”

Reverand Greg Laurie says, “I think it’s really important for pastors to bring Biblical clarity [to end times questions] but in a clear-headed, measured way, to not be alarmist or exaggerate. I think sometimes people are quick to jump to conclusions on these things.”

Reverand Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Church Leadership Conference, said, “We are in the last days. The question is how long will the last days last? Arguably some would argue the moment Jesus ascended, we began the last days. They would be theologically correct, by the way… because

He referenced ‘I’m coming back.’”

Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel in Virginia said during a recent sermon, “People want to know the truth. Since we are living in the ‘information age’ with an overload of information at our fingertips, people don’t know who or what to believe. They are hungry for someone to speak truth into the chaos, and I tried my best to offer them that.”

Paster Hamrick’s sermon garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

And Pastor Steve Berger said, “The US is escalating its presence in the Middle East in unprecedented ways. We need to stand for ‘Truth’ and the Word of God and stand with Israel. In Genesis 12:3, God says to Abraham, ‘I’m going to give you a great nation… I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.’ So, if you want to be cursed by God, stand with the pro-Palestinian protestors… stand with the antisemites… stand with those against Israel, and see what happens. In Romans 11:1, God asks, “Has God cast away his people—Certainly not! The Jews gave us Gentiles our religion… they gave us Jesus. We are the recipients of God’s word. Evangelicals and Jews are linked forever. We are obligated to help, support, and protect Israel.”

Click HERE to see Pastor Gary Hamrick’s amazing sermon on Israel and Biblical prophecy.

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  1. What does the Bible say? That is where TRUTH is.
    God made promises to Israel and He will keep every one of them!
    God brought the Bible and the Messiah through the Jews! The 2 greatest gifts of all times!

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