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Epic Takedown: Javier Milei Trashes Socialism and Promotes Freedom [Amazing Video]

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The Socialist’s heads are spinning.

You should see this amazing video below:

It exposes the failures of socialism from a new world leader and advocates for individual freedom.

Javier Milei became the first free market president in Argentina’s history in an epic election in Argentina.

It was a win that rocked the world. Socialists worldwide were shocked.

Milei ran on a platform to purge all socialist policies in Argentina and won! This sent a clear message to the Socialist elites in government, the Deep State, and the Globalists.

Because of his staunch support of freedom, limited government, and capitalism, Milei was invited to speak at CPAC– The Conservative Political Action Conference. Conservative activists and elected officials across the United States attend the annual political conference.

When Milei walked on stage to give his speech, he was met with rousing applause.

“This is a beautiful day to make the ‘left’ shake,” he said to the cheering crowd… “Long live freedom!”

He went on to say that the “West is in danger due to the advance of statist and socialist ideas… The Socialist model is not rooted in reality… And when their model doesn’t work, they [socialists] attack reality.”

“Statists and socialists give fancy names to their ideas and programs, but it’s all about government control. For it to work they must take from one to give to the other.” Milei told the audience.

He then gave an example; “Back when candles were still used, before Edison… When Edison came along with the lightbulb, candle manufacturers went bankrupt. If we had paid attention to those who favored intervention instead of having this conference in this lovely, bright venue today full of light, we’d still have candles. That’s how Socialists mess up our lives—So let’s get rid of socialism and the socialist approach.”

“The free market is the voluntary exchange of property rights,” he continued. “Since it’s voluntary, there can be no market failure. That’s because nobody would be self-inflicting harm. Any government intervention will collapse the market… Institutions that make up the market are private property and markets free from state intervention. You have people on the supply side and others on the demand side. The voluntary exchange of money is the price. Since it’s voluntary, there is no need for government intervention… So, private property and free markets determine prices, which is the basis of the free market system. This is why none of the varieties of socialism can work.”

“Although supporters of the free market and conservatives are all different, we celebrate our differences because we don’t like the gray uniform of socialism,” he said.

He closed his speech, saying, “We are all in a major battle… In Argentina, for example, it was a country that was one of the most affluent in the world… Today, it’s one of the poorest countries. Over 50% of the population is poor, and over 10% is extremely poor. Our government thieves have, so far, identified over 300,080 thousand regulations that get in the way of a functioning economy—that’s a major reason Argentina is poor. We are giving the Argentine people more freedom by getting rid of those regulations and moving to more competitive market structures and ending corruption in politics.”

“The corrupt elite politicians benefit from the government-controlled system….” He continued. “We face resistance from them… which includes thieving politicians who put their own privileges above the well-being of the people. Of course, there are corrupt business owners who work with these corrupt politicians, corrupt media, and trade unions that look after their own interests rather than the interests of their own people, and professional groups that profess the religion of government [socialism]. It’s a major battle we’re fighting—But we will not surrender.”

“Socialism or social justice is unjust, because it robs Peter to pay Paul. The Socialists hide behind the word Democracy… but unlimited Democracy is Socialism… For example, 4 wolves and a hen come together. They all vote on what’s on the menu tonight… Guess what? The wolves are having a hen for dinner. That’s what happens with a socialist economy… Don’t let socialism advance. Don’t endorse regulations. Don’t endorse the idea of market failure. Don’t allow the advance of their murderous agenda… and don’t let the siren calls of social justice woo you. I come from a country that bought into all of those stupid ideas, and we went from one of the most affluent countries in the world to the poorest. Don’t surrender your liberty and fight for your freedom! If you don’t fight for freedom, they [the Socialists] will drag you into misery. The message of freedom is awakening the world! Don’t surrender in your fight for freedom! LONG LIVE FREEDOM!”

Click HERE to watch Argentina’s President Javier Milei’s Epic Takedown of Socialism In his CPAC Speech.

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