Photograph from Craig's urgent press conference.

Emergency Washington Press Conference

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Saving the Christians From Genocide (video of press highlights)

I flew back to Washington D.C. for an emergency press conference with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Steve King, Ted Poe and Andy Harris on the bill still buried in Congress: Save the Christians From Genocide.

I spoke to the press about the 50,000 petition signatures we had generated.

Congressman Rohrabacher talked about Saving the Christians From Genocide by getting the bill now buried in committee out and up for Trump to sign.

The other Congressmen talked about why they feel this bill must pass now to save lives.

You can see the news report “New Bill Would Prioritize Middle East Christians for Refugee Status


At the press conference, I pointed out to the media and Congressmen that

Christians – kids, mom, and dads are still being killed in the Middle East.

One Christian every 30 minutes.

These Christians can’t go to the UN/Muslim controlled refugee camps – they will be killed.

They can’t live in the middle east – they are targets for death, torture and human slavery.

Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where is Congress?

Their silence has encouraged:



Child Slavery

Congressman Rohrabacher pointed out the politicians are still turning their backs as if nothing is happening.

That’s why the Save the Christians from Genocide bill (HR 565) has been re-introduced…and your signing the petition is so critical to reach our goal of 100,000.

We need your help to let more people know about the bill and to sign our pledge.

Your signature has the power to move Congress.

Your signature has the ability to move the pen of president Trump.

It’s the 100,000 signatures of people like you that are needed to grab the attention of Congress.

But right now, we are desperately in need of more signatures.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to getting more signatures, saving more Christian refugees from genocide.

To meet 100,000 we need your immediate help. Will you please help save a life?

We’re still short of our goal of having 100,000 petition signers. Enough to help Congressman Rohrabacher get a house vote and signed by the President.

Could you donate $10?

(Click here to donate now!)

Or, send a check to our address at:

Craig Huey

CDMG, Inc.

Save the Christians from Genocide

21171 S. Western Ave. Suite 260

Torrance, CA 90501

Thanks again for your help, prayers, and financial support.

Click here to sign the petition

Click here to donate

Click here to see the news report on the press conference

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