Three critical points about the unsuccessful attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, often overlooked by liberal media and Facebook discussions.

Shocking: 3 Things you must Know about the stunning failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare…that you’re not hearing about in the liberal media or Facebook [video]

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Here are 3 shocking truths about the stunning failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare and next steps that should be taken to improve everyone’s healthcare.

Obamacare is hurting our healthcare in America and must be repealed. Sky rocketing premiums, unreasonable deductibles, shrinking choices, people losing their coverage, lost jobs and stagnant and deteriorating care run by bureaucrats is creating an escalating crisis.

We must replace and repeal Obamacare now. But here is what the liberal media or Facebook is not telling you.

  • Not one Democrat voted for Repeal and Replace.

Despite Obamacare being broken, the Democrats are playing politics

This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a health crisis that needs to change now.

  • Moderate Republicans are blocking real reform

A year ago, most of the moderate Republicans joined every conservative and libertarian Republican in Congress to vote for an Obamacare Repeal and Replace bill that was vetoed by President Obama.

But now, the moderate Republican pressured by Townhall opponents, petition and massive phone calls to their offices are pushing for Medicaid expansion and the costly Obamacare insurance regulations that are responsible for driving up premiums with outrageous deductions.

It’s called the “Tuesday Group” and they refuse to even meet or work with conservatives

  • The solution is to fix the flawed bill that couldn’t get support with the same type of Repeal and Replace voted on two years ago.
  • The bill must cut unnecessary regulations
  • Create free market competition to lower insurance costs
  • Selling health insurance across state lines. It’s a free-market reform that will make a difference
  • The rollback of more of the costly Obamacare regulations that are responsible for driving up the price of health insurance. Cutting those regulations will help reduce federal spending.
  • Handling pre-existing conditions with state high-risk pools.

The Ryan bill that was not voted on would not have increased competition and it would have kept the cost of health insurance premiums rising.

Only by adding these measures can the bill begin to roll back the costly premiums and co-pays that have been the hallmark of Obamacare. More Americans will have insurance because more will be able to afford insurance.

Here is a great video with Congressman Brat on next steps, About 8 minutes.

And here is Congressman Massie on why Obamacare light is wrong. About 3 minutes.

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  1. I think that the federal gov’t has usurped its powers. Healthcare should not be run by the gov’t. The only thing the gov’t should do is monitor the corporations that run it and ensure that there would not be a monopoly and that it is run in a manner not to take advantage of the consumer with overbearing prices or inadequate coverage. What I see is if President Trump cannot gain control of the shadow gov’t or if he is unwilling to, that America as it has been under our republican form of gov’t is finished. If the shadow gov’t, the democratic and republican politicians that side against Trump, and the world leaders are successful in undermining President Trump then the future of America will be tyranny and a dictatorship. Our country is truly in the fight for its survival.

  2. The only solution to this great embarrassment is a third party. Drain the swamp from both parties creating a 3rd party of true leaders. RINOs dominate the Republican Party giving way to much division. Putting fuel back into the Tea Party could start the engine running again. We will not see true improvement until someone brings this idea to the forefront.

  3. Great post ! Just because Trump is Pres, does not mean we’re good….. Ephesians 6,
    ( spiritual warfare ), still applies. Having done all stand.

  4. The government should not be in the business of healthcare at all. My Blue Cross insurance before O’care was $295./mo. w/$2,000. deductible. After O’care (which I can’t qualify for due to too many assets) with the same Blue Cross would have been $595./mo. w/$10,000. deductible. With the plan that just failed, my monthly would have been close to $1,000. ! I have also been forced to pay the penalty with my income taxes each year, just so others can have free health care that I myself cannot afford.
    Trump is on the right track with all his govt. cutbacks. Now he just needs to get the govt. totally out of the healthcare of the citizens and let the govt. employees pay for their own healthcare just like the rest of us.
    Don’t just drain the swamp, cover it over when it’s drained with all of the criminal politicians underneath !
    Since the dems have all become progressives, and the repubs. are now too liberal, we do need a 3rd conservative (Tea) party.

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