My Emergency Capitol Hill Meeting: A Christian is Killed Every 30 Minutes [Petition]

My Emergency Capitol Hill Meeting: A Christian is Killed Every 30 Minutes [Petition]

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When I was back in Washington DC, meeting with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and other Congressmen, I promised those who have been fighting for to help Christians facing genocide in the Middle East, that we would turn this around.

You see, Christians are persecuted. They are targeted for death, facing martyrdom and genocide. Every thirty minutes, a Christian is targeted for death. They have nowhere to go.

If they go to a Muslim refugee camp, they’re killed, persecuted. Women are raped. Children are sold into slavery. They have to renounce their faith.

They have nowhere to go.

They only place they can go is the United States.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

That’s why Congressman Rohrabacher crafted together a good bill to will fast-track Christians into emergency refugee status, because they are targets for genocide.

With careful vetting and very tight security, only those who have been proven to be Christian will be allowed in the US under the fast-track program

The State Department does not want this. The Obama Administration does not want this. The United Nations does not want this. They are all discriminating against Christians.

Save the Christians (

Save the Christians (

That’s why we need your help. That’s why we are starting a petition to get Congress to pass Congressman Rohrabacher’s bill HR 4017 and move it out of committee. Right now the bill is stalled.

Will you help me? Please sign the petition today.

Our website for our online petition is Tell Congress to Stop Stalling and Act NOW!–Pass the Save Christians from Genocide Act.

You can also print out copies. Thank you so much for your help!

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at

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  1. It’s about time. We need to stand for our brothers/sisters in Christ. It’s horrendous how we have abandoned truly helpless people. Thank you Dana. I pray your plan will prevail

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