Appalling Media Partiality in the Trump vs. Clinton Campaign

Outrageous Media Bias in the Trump v. Clinton Campaign

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NBC news has a history of slanting the news and creating its own reality.

Lester Holt, who conducted the first presidential debate, showed his bias and immediately in the first question.

He claimed that “There’s been a record six straight months of job growth and census data show that incomes have grown at a record rate.” This is the liberal media’s way of slanting the news that the economy is doing well.

That’s a lie.

This lie enabled Hillary Clinton to spread the lie by repeating Lester Holt’s liberal commentary.

The fact is, we have the longest prolonged stagnation of the economic in history.

The fact is that the underemployment and the people who have given up looking for work is at a historic high.

The fact is that unemployed, especially among millennials and minorities is tragic and historic.

The economy is not moving ahead for the vast majority of Americans. This could be a vibrant economy.

Other areas of bias …

Lester Holt challenged Trump at least five times. He also silenced the audience when they applauded for Donald Trump, but allowed Hillary Clinton supporters to show their support.

Holt asked Trump about his tax returns, but did not ask Hillary Clinton about her emails, Benghazi, or her incendiary remarks about minorities.

Overall, despite the bias of the debate moderator, Hillary Clinton earned a B-, and Donald Trump a C-

Hillary Clinton was able to rally her base, and carefully articulated her positions. It was obviously well-rehearsed, well [-prepared, and was good for her base, and to generate support.

Donald Trump was obviously not well-prepared did not make all the points he could have made, but still he was able to show himself presidential. He made some significant points that resonated with his base.

Did either of them persuade the persuadables? That’s the big question. The answer is: “Probably not”.

The next two debates coming up will be critical for both candidates.

The question is: will the moderators continue to be biased?

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  1. Donald Trump covered some important issues, but the Lester Holt was very biased along with the media and this should a learning experience for Mr. Trump… There are still two more debates to go and Mr. Trump is a fast learner so he should do a lot better in the future…

  2. Lester Holt is republican. I don’t think he biased.
    I observed Trump doesn’t have ability and detail knowledge to answer many questions at several times. That’s why Holt was asking Trump again and again and remind him the original question. That looks like he biased but he is not.

    Trump even complains his mike had a malfunction. Ridiculous.
    He didn’t prepare well. He complains tools not his inability debate skill.
    Think about if Cruz, Mario or Fiorina was on the stage.
    They would roast the crook Hillary much better than fake Trump.
    It was a sad day for conservatives when we were watching Trump represent Republicans.

    I read very good article and make sense a lot.
    Do we trust a con man’s promise?
    The conclusion in this article really scare.

    ‘…Trump winning may be worse than the alternative. If he is a disaster as president, he would cost the party the Senate in 2018, lose the White House in 2020, and devastate the GOP for a decade — which could be far worse than four or even eight years of Hillary…’

  3. It is quite clear and has been quite clear for a long time, that the media in this nation is one-sided, biased, and partisan, and in the tank for one political party. If a candidate or “person” is not Democratic, they won’t get fair and unbiased treatment in anything. Authentic news reporting in America has been hijacked by the liberal left–there is no true journalism anymore, only a one-sided opinion of what the mainstream media wants everybody to know. But God!! Regardless of what the devil thinks he’s doing, God always has a plan! No matter what, the truth will always get out and darkness will always be exposed by the light. Look at Hilary Clinton’s years of lies, corruption and cover-ups? I wonder if she ever thought that all of the wickedness and evil deeds she involved herself in would be exposed today? The bible tells us: “Be sure your sins will find you out,” and, “Be not deceived God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap” (Gal. 6:7). I am not trying to sound hard and without compassion here. I believe the Lord has had enough of watching these things happen in our government and in the nation as a whole. He is expecting His people to call these things out in our nation and address them according to the word of God. We are not to judge or point fingers, but we are to speak the truth as we lift up the standard of righteousness in our society. The culture doesn’t have to go the direction of sin and wickedness if the body of Christ will keep doing our part to influence every sector of society with the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus declared: “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!” If that was His (first) declaration to the world, it is ours also regardless of what’s going on in the land. Jesus is Lord!!

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