Biden’s Deep State War on Christians This Time an Evangelical College is Persecuted…

Biden’s Deep State War on Christians: This Time an Evangelical College is Persecuted…

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The Biden Deep State is escalating its attack on people of faith—This time, the war on Christianity is coming from 3 government agencies that are unfairly targeting an Evangelical college.

The US Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid has fined Grand Canyon University (GCU), the largest Christian college in the US, over $37 million for allegedly misrepresenting the cost of its doctoral programs.

Grand Canyon denies the claims and says it’s been “unjustly targeted” by government agencies.

The DOE says GCU falsely advertised the cost of its doctoral programs and “quoted students a lower price than 98% of the programs’ graduates paid.”

“GCU lied about the cost of its doctoral programs to attract students to enroll,” said Richard Cordray of the Office of Federal Student Aid. “GCU’s lies harmed students, broke their trust, and led to unexpectedly high levels of student debt. Today, we are holding GCU accountable for its actions, protecting students and taxpayers, and upholding the integrity of the federal student aid programs.”

GCU denies the DOE’s allegations, saying in a statement, “We believe our disclosures related to continuation courses are more extensive than other universities, yet only GCU is being targeted by the Department.”

In 2018, GCU transitioned to a nonprofit college, being approved and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and other entities. However, the DOE has repeatedly denied GCU’s nonprofit status, discriminating against the Christian College.

GCU has sued over the denial, and last month, it accused the Department of Education, Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Veterans Affairs of retaliating against the university with additional scrutiny as it continues its legal fight for nonprofit recognition.

Grand Canyon University issued a statement, saying:

“Since GCU filed its lawsuit, these agencies have swamped the university and its education partner with broad requests for voluminous amounts of information and records about our operations—the scope of which made it clear these requests were part of a broad fishing expedition to find issue with the university. These agenda-driven actions are unprecedented against a 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit university. The claims “lack merit and illustrate extreme government overreach in what we believe is an attempt to harm a university to which individuals in these agencies are ideologically opposed.”

This bureaucratic war is really part of a broader assault to crush anyone or anything that opposes their radical, pro-socialist secular worldview.

Note: What you can do…

  • Pray
  • Vote in the 2024 Presidential primary and general election for the candidate who will crush the Deep State and protect Christian rights.
  • Donate to our Turn America Around Fund to support only candidates that will stop this war on Christianity.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

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  1. I see a government trying to force a Christian College to either close or lean on them, to perhaps do student loan forgiveness in exchange for compromising their Christian values? Satan is preparing the crooked path for the Antichrist… the Rapture is right around the corner! Bring it on Lord!

  2. “The U.S. Government’s lies harmed American citizens, broke their trust which led to extremely high levels of personal debt. Come November, we will attempt to hold the Federal Government accountable for its actions, by not protecting its citizens and taxpayers and not upholding the laws of the land and clear disregard for the constitutional rights granted its citizenry.”
    There, fixed it for ya!

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