Election Fraud: 8 Shocking Facts the Media and Politicians Aren’t Telling You

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8 Shocking Facts the Media and Politicians Aren’t Telling You

Does voter fraud exist?


The evidence is overwhelming…


But the media and politicians – in collusion with the Deep State – don’t want you to know the truth.


Voter fraud is a dangerous reality that is actively threatening our values and the core foundations of our democratic republic.


In my new book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, you’ll discover the horrific reality of how the Deep State uses voter fraud to gain power and trample on our rights.


In the meantime, here are 8 shocking facts you must know about voter fraud now … facts you won’t hear from politicians … or see on most news stations … or learn from social media:


FACT #1: The Deep State keeps voter fraud in place by denying it exists.


Deep State ideologues like California Secretary of State Alex Padilla speak out frequently against voter fraud, calling it a “lie.”


Take a look at what Padilla recently said:


It is no surprise that a commission founded on a lie of widespread voter fraud proved to be a fraud itself. This is why I, and so many other Secretaries of State refused to legitimize this sham commission by refusing to comply with its unprecedented request for private voter data.


Padilla doesn’t want to acknowledge the massive evidence of voter fraud because he doesn’t want to do anything about it.


If voter fraud doesn’t exist, why is he so threatened by it?


Why didn’t Padilla want to comply with Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity, which requested data from the 2016 election?


The truth is, voter fraud keeps ideological politicians like Padilla in power.


This is the Deep State at work…they use dishonest elections and policies to maintain their power at any cost.

FACT #2: There is massive evidence for voter fraud in the United States.


The evidence for voter fraud is overwhelming.


Here’s just some of the disturbing evidence for voter fraud in the United States:


  • From 2008-2012, between 14.5% and 15.6% of noncitizens were registered to vote – a number most likely significantly higher now.


  • In a sample of 3,000 registrations in California’s 39th assembly district, 10% contained phony addresses, or were not U.S. citizens.


  • In a random sample of 800 Hispanics, 56% said they were noncitizens…and of those, 13% said they were registered to vote.


  • An estimated 6.4% of 20 million noncitizens voted in the 2016 presidential election…Hilary Clinton would have collected 81% of those votes—or 834,000 votes.


Voter fraud actually can affect election outcomes.


In fact, Al Franken won the election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota noncitizens could account for this margin.


And, in the state of California, as many as 10% of the 2.3 million illegal alien residents are registered to vote. This gives them massive voting power…and more often than not, noncitizens will vote Democratic.


FACT #3: Most state do not require voter ID.


Only six states require strict photo ID to register to vote.


In California, there is no document required for voter registration. That means anyone can register – and vote.


The Deep State is behind this lack of requirement for voter ID.


Judicial activists in five different states have shot down voter ID laws and proof of citizenship laws.


These Deep State ideologues legislate from the bench to ensure that illegal aliens and other non-eligible residents can vote in elections – and ensure they stay in power.


FACT #4: Illegal aliens can register to vote at the DMV.


In California, noncitizens can obtain a driver’s license – and register to vote at the same time.


There are 1 million illegal aliens in the state of California – and perhaps almost as many who are potentially voting in our elections.


All you have to do is fill out a form and check “Yes, I am a U.S. citizen.”

Fact #5: The Deep State recruits voters to promote an ideological agenda.


Many government organizations automatically register people to vote, including the DMV, Covered California (California’s branch of Obamacare), Social Security, the Welfare Office and Unions.


There are also organizations that exclusively encourage liberals and progressives to vote, such as Moveon.org, Women’s March and March for our Lives.


These government agencies and organizations are in collusion with the Deep State to make sure an ideological agenda succeeds at the polls – and dominates our politics and culture.


FACT #6: The voter rolls are a mess.


Voter rolls are rarely cleaned or checked. They often include people who have died…. moved to other states… and illegal aliens.


For example, in North Carolina, noncitizens who have been indicted by the federal government on charges of illegal voting in Wake County are still are on the county’s voter rolls!


The Wake County elections board director says a federal indictment or sworn affidavit isn’t enough for him to even begin an investigation … much less, remove a person from the registered voter list.


In California, 11 of 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry.


Take a look at the following:


  • Los Angeles county has a registration of 112% of its adult citizen population.
  • San Diego county has a registration of 138% of its adult citizen population.
  • San Francisco county has a registration of 114% of its adult citizen population.


The Deep State is covering up these shocking statistics…because fraudulent elections help keep them in power.


FACT #7: Trump’s census is causing the progressive left to be outraged.


California gets an additional five House seats because of its noncitizen residents.


Trump’s new census puts the question back on the form:


Are you a citizen/noncitizen?


If answered honestly, the census will help restore the balance of power.


But of course, Deep State politicians are outraged.


California and other states have sued the Trump administration over the question—afraid of losing welfare benefits, and more importantly for them, seats.


FACT #8: Voter fraud is not limited only to illegal aliens.


Illegal aliens are not the only ones who are voting in our elections.


Dead voters, fake voters and duplicate voters are also voting…potentially swaying election outcomes.


The number of deceased persons on the voting rolls in Los Angeles County alone exceeds 20,000 people.


And, ACORN and ACORN-type groups are community activist groups that have been caught faking thousands of voter registration forms.


In fact, I conducted an experiment where I registered to vote under a fake name online…without proof of ID.


I quickly received a ballot in the mail.


Of course, I didn’t vote, but this disturbing test proved one thing: Any person – real or fake – can vote in our elections.


Full details on different types of voter fraud are revealed in Chapter 11 of my book: Voter Fraud: Earning the Deep State More Votes, More Power…While Trampling on Your Rights and Suppressing your Voice as a Citizen.


We must take a stand for voter integrity in every state…


We must take a stand for truth and transparency in our voting system and on our voting rolls.


We must demand voter ID.


You have a voice. Sign the petition today to help stop voter fraud: https://craighuey.com/stop-voter-fraud-now/


To order my new book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Must Know, click here: https://deepstatebook.com/


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  1. There should be really harsh punishments for the cities that allow illegal voting, and the voter that does it. We cannot allow foreigners and cheaters to run our government. In California, my small town had a list of voters eligible in each precinct. When we came to vote, our name waas crossed off. How hard is that?

  2. Hi Craig,
    I ordered your book a few weeks ago on this website and haven’t received it. Can you check please to see if the order went through? Continuing to pray for Cory.

    Leslie Tillema

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