California Warning: Is Your Club or Church Included in This Roster?

California Alert: Is Your Club or Church on This List? [Vote your Values Video]

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If you live in California, Shelly and I are starting to host our Election Forum, so you can vote FOR, not AGAINST your values in the November midterm election.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the list of locations where we’ve been invited to speak.

The top section of the page is our current schedule of speaking engagements.

If your club or church isn’t listed, call us at 310-212-5727 and we will be happy to talk with you about speaking to your group.

In the election forums, I talk about the candidates, judges and propositions. I also talk about:

  • What constitutes a conservative worldview
  • How to vote based on conservative principles and traditional values
  • The hope we can have when our world is turned upside down
  • The hope we have for revival in America

This will help transform your fellowship … and can impact the upcoming November election.

Between now and the election, dates will fill up fast … so please call today.

Here is a video of a recent talk I gave about how Christians can transform our politics and culture (1 hour, 6 minutes):

Questions? Write me at

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  1. Hi Craig
    The prophets are saying the Lord is going to come to us very soon like a roaring Lion.
    He is going to turn things around in these Mid-Terms. It’s going to be a red storm
    & I think that we are going to be on our way to getting things done to getting our Supreme
    Court Justice put in like planned. And it has been prophesied that President will be naming 3
    more judges before his term is over. Thought you might want to check out Mark Taylor one
    of the prophets that heard from the Lord in 2011 that Trump was going to be President.
    I have been signed up with you for over a yr. You also have spoke at my church in El Cajon CA.

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