Economic Confusion: What You Should Know About Rising Prices, Recession and Little-Known Cultural Trends [Must-Listen Audio Interview with Vic Porcelli]

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I just got off the air with Vic Porcelli of The Vic Porcelli Show on NewsTalk STL.

It’s a powerful interview you should listen to now… and you’ll want to share.

Click HERE to listen.

You’ll discover — among other things….

  • Forced vaccinations… Forced masking…
  • LGBT propaganda… Transgender insanity…
  • Textbook indoctrination…
  • What is a recession? What is inflation?
  • Are we headed for a tsunami-sized economic downfall?
  • Are the figure predictions accurate?
  • Excessive spending… Inflation/Recession…
  • What will be the greatest impact?
  • Who is responsible? How did we get here?
  • Why you should never give up… never…

And much more…

Packed with actionable insights and news you should know.

The Interview is about 12 minutes long. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

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