3 Nights of Fear, Blood and Gore: Reality or Media Fear Mongering… or both?

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I locked my door twice. I closed my bedroom sliding door. It may have been irrational but let me explain what happened.

I was in Los Angeles, California and muted the local nightly news three nights in a row.

Here are the news stories I saw the first half hour:

  • Street vendors violently beaten – growing danger.
  • Street takeovers. This is where I saw a video of cars in streets and bridges stopping traffic and spinning with large crowds watching and waiting to be hit by the car. It spread out of control.
  • Large groups of people on bikes blowing through traffic for fun and protesting.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm closed for the first time in its history due to unruly behavior and altercations – multiple fights and gunshots fired.
  • New website to not pay rent if you get an eviction notice.
  • California under state of emergency extended.
  • Race car driver, Bobby East, stabbed in the chest to death at an Orange County gas station.
  • Olympic star, Kim Glass, attacked and beaten by a homeless man.
  • Multiple stories on home invasions and store robberies.

There is bad news everywhere in the United States.

But Los Angeles is not what it used to be.

I love Los Angeles. I love California.

I hate the socialist politics. I hate how the state has been lawless and filled with the homeless.

It’s not safe.

It’s not a place to raise a family or retire.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for all my life… I fled with my wife and a million others.

No regrets.

Do you have a similar story to share? Are you a California refugee, too?

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com

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  1. I WANT to be a California refugee…just need a few more family members ready to leave, and then I can go. I am just devastated at what has happened to the state I loved and used to be so proud of. It is sickening to stand by and watch its demise and feel helpless, but to know in my heart I need to get the rest of my family out of here before it’s too late.

    1. Hi!

      I’ve lived in Calif. since 1942, so I’ve experienced great changes. So I’m curious as to what the changes are that affected you to make you want to leave. You want to get the rest of your family out before it’s too late. Too late for what? Not incidentally I lived for three years it Britain and seven months each in Chile and Kenya, and visited for some time in France and Sweden, so I can compare.

  2. I think it was Ashley that fled, not Craig. But it might be that any of “we the people” might emigrate at any moment. It is our God given right to relocate with our family and flocks.
    CA is no longer the special place it used to be when I emigrated from WI. For me it was a mythical land where I would joyfully come of age. It was my purpose.
    Departure, could not match that moment of faith, since there is no equivalent motive for me in my 80’s. I was able to accept who I might become. I was blessed with purpose, family, and fellowship. My indifference to the depravity of CA, at this moment, leads me to believe that my life in the San Fernando Valley has not completed it’s mission. I look forward to discovering how to complete it. I hope that some of you can understand this wish of mine to finish the contest with trust and patience.

      1. Dear Bernard,
        I was purposely being not specific, not wanting to offend any person for their style. Neither would I want to share my style in this forum. That would definitely be off topic. Perhaps the notion of the innate corruption of human nature and it’s current expression in CA is foreign to you.
        My interactions with acquaintances who have packed up for other States has informed me that concerns over majority support for what they have considered “corruption” has lessened their interest in enduring the economic hard times ahead. CA is no longer worth the pain for them and their families. I remain here while balancing the pro’s and con’s for a senior at the end of the trail. I wonder if you are elderly and now you think that some folks are giving up a bit too easily, given your global wisdom. How do you compare this to Europe and other shores? I hope you are sincere and can share.

    1. Yes, Craig did flee. He fled from Torrance, CA to the Nashville area. California had become too oppressive toward businesses, which is why he left.

      1. Dear Robb,
        Can you tell me if brother Craig considers himself as: an expatriates working in Tennessee, or has exchanged his CA citizenship for a better status and loyalty? When I left WI, I claimed a new loyalty in CA. Now CA has left me (I have been aware of this for over a decade) and I am somewhat a man without a State. If I were15 years younger I would head for Wyoming if this could be arranged. I may be “stateless in CA, but I cling to my Bible and 2nd Amendment until my eternal home with Jesus. Do you think Craig can respond to those of us who might be comforted by him about this issue?

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