Draining the Deep State Swamp: How the Socialists are Fighting Back [Video]

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The founding fathers created a constitutional republic: a representative form of government that belonged to and answered to the people – the citizens of the United States.

They never imagined that a 4th branch of government – an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy – would evolve and take over both the legislative and executive branches of government.

Take the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for example…

The EPA has enormous power to set air quality standards which affect energy producers, car manufacturers and more.

The EPA administrator is appointed by the president. But the EPA bureaucrats who write the rules and police the policies that all businesses and individuals must live by are unelected government workers. They aren’t accountable to voters.

Here are 3 ways these Deep State socialist bureaucrats – along with the progressive media – are fighting back against President Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp:”

1. They ignore the president’s wishes and write rules and regulations that support their socialist ideology.

Many of these bureaucrats are holdover career bureaucrats who were hired during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.

They know they can’t be fired because they are protected by their unions. So they work behind the scenes to subvert the president’s policies and the directives of the conservative leader of their agency.

2. The media twists news reports to create the cause and effect scenario it wants the public to believe.

The Associated Press recently published a story with this headline: “US air quality is slipping after years of improvement.”

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC used this headline to create one of her own for a segment on her show: “Donald Trump Has Chosen Lobbyists To Run EPA, HHS, DOD, And Interior.”

The obvious implication she wants to make – and the conclusion she wants her listeners to draw – is the coal industry lobbyist Trump appointed as EPA Administrator is responsible for causing a decline in air quality across the U.S.

Except that’s not what the AP story says or concludes. Maddow is manipulating a headline to create fake news – a cause-and-effect relationship which does not exist.

The following two statements in the article contradict Maddow’s entire premise in her report:

  • “What you’re seeing is a flattening off of progress as opposed to a major change in the wrong direction,” said former deputy EPA administrator Bob Perciasepe…
  • In an email, the EPA told The Associated Press the increase in unhealthy air days in 2017 “is largely associated with wildfires” in the west and it is studying 2018 before officially announcing its annual air trend data.

3. They attack the character of the conservative appointees to try to get them to resign.

William Wehrum – head of the Air Quality Office at the EPA – is resigning amid allegations of conflict of interest and ethics violations. He was the main author of the new Affordable Clean Energy regulations – rules bitterly opposed by Deep State socialists, who want more government control over business and industry.

“The Dems approach to an issue isn’t attacking the policy, it’s also attacking the person,” said the principal deputy administrator in the Air Quality Office … who worked closely with Wehrum.

I talk about the entrenched nature of the Deep State bureaucracy – and how it works to undermine and subvert conservative free-market capitalism – in chapter 4 and chapter 14 of my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know.

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Watch this Rachel Maddow report on U.S. air quality. Listen carefully as she misinterprets headlines of two articles to create “facts” that aren’t in the text of the articles. This is a standard tactic of MSNBC and other progressive news outlets to twist reports and make you think they are saying things they are NOT saying (3 ½ minutes).

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