Amazing! Criminal Justice Reform at Last [Videos]

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It’s historic – and long overdue…

Criminal justice reform has begun … and a much-needed, more fair system is becoming a reality.


It’s especially significant to the Black community, which has been unfairly hurt, their futures destroyed, and their families turned against.

And it’s a major accomplishment for the Trump administration, considering that:

  • President Trump’s goals and agenda have been opposed by Democrats and by never-Trump Republicans since before he was elected.
  • For decades, the federal government has done nothing to reform its criminal justice system and reduce recidivism and the federal prison population.

It’s called the FIRST STEP Act.

This law will:

  1. Ban the shackling of pregnant female inmates in federal prisons
  2. Expand reentry and job training opportunities for federal inmates
  3. Require inmates to be incarcerated within 500 miles of their families when possible
  4. Reduce some mandatory minimum sentences
  5. Expand judges’ discretion under the “safety valve”
  6. Make the reductions in crack cocaine sentences under the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 apply retroactively

The last provision above will result in reduced sentences for about 3,000 crack cocaine offenders currently in federal prisons.

In last year’s state of the union address, President Trump announced his administration would work on “reforming our prisons to help former inmates who have served their time get a second chance.”


President Trump endorsed the legislation after the midterm elections last November. The compromise bill was supported by a wide coalition of conservative, libertarian, evangelical, liberal and criminal justice groups.

Watch this interview of Pat Nolan – former California State Assemblyman and now author with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship – talking about criminal justice reform (11 ½ minutes).


Watch this video of CNN’s socialist commentator Van Jones praising President Trump for bringing together a coalition of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass the FIRST STEP Act by an overwhelming margin of 87-12
(2 minutes).

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  1. These are good changes but there is much to be done about the process of convicting a person to begin with. Why is some very valuable evidence “not allowed” during trials? Why are so MANY “court appointed” lawyers totally without the integrity to perform due diligence and put out any effort to actually defend the accused? Only the wealthy get fair trials or get away with murder; the poor are cheated out of good representation; we are supposed to have justice in this country. My nephew was told by his court appointed lawyer to plead guilty to a charge of rape when he was innocent. The court went only on the accusation. His lawyer told him that he’d get probation if he would just plead guilty and that it was the simplest, quickest way to end the trial. He followed her advise and was hauled off to jail! He served 10 years for a crime he didn’t commit. The person accusing him tried to withdraw her accusation and the “detective” threatened her if she did; so an innocent man went to jail. This kind of injustice is very common. We need lawyers, policemen with integrity!!!!! I’m writing a young man who’s now in prison and he is punished for reporting abuse by the guards- they retaliate if he tries to use what he’s researched in the law library to bring some justice to his case; so they squelch any effort to try to use the law to get a reduced sentence based on an unfair trial. We need integrity in every aspect of the justice system. We need monitoring of the prison guards and others. The prison at Telford in New Boston, Tx. is made of steel and concrete yet has no Air conditioning and guards will not let prisoners go outdoors to get a breeze because they say its too hot; when the building has to be hotter. Its cruel and unusual treatment.

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