The monopoly of taxes

The Monopoly of Taxes – It’s Not a Game [VIDEO]

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I recently came across a video on Instagram that captured the comical plight of a little boy… government taxes in the world of Monopoly.

In this video, the boy’s family is playing the game as he’s sitting back in despair. After just taking his turn, his mom asks, “Where’s all your money gone, buddy?”

Extreme frustration and hopelessness come over the boy as he starts sobbing. Trying to console him, his mom says, “Bud, it’s ok. It’s part of the game.” The boy fights for words through his tears and cries out, “No, it’s the worst part of the game!” His mom asks, “What?” and he responds, “taxes!”

This video inadvertently transformed a simple lesson on taxes into a hilarious and endearing performance, captivating hearts with the boy’s unfiltered innocence and sadness.

Although we can all relate to the devastating impact of taxes and government bureaucracy, maybe this video will add some light-hearted laughter and amusement.

You can watch this short video.

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