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Deception as Never Before: The Doublespeak Messaging of Big Tech and Big Media in Collusion with the Deep State

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Language is a tool of power.

It always has been – ever since the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden – and it always will be.

The reason it’s such an effective tool of power is because most of the time, we don’t realize we are being manipulated by the words other people are speaking.

George Orwell coined the word “doublespeak” in his 1949 novel, 1984.

Doublespeak is the use of euphemistic or ambiguous language to deliberately obscure, distort and disguise what one actually means by what he is saying. Doublespeak can also involve reversing the meaning of words or using buzz words as labels to attack the character of opponents without giving supporting evidence for the personal attack.

Some of the most commonly used words and terms in doublespeak are the following:

  • Racist
  • Anti-racist
  • Woke
  • Radical
  • White Supremacist
  • Christian Nationalist
  • Fascist
  • MAGA
  • Extremist
  1.  A racist is someone who believes that race is the fundamental determinant of human traits and capabilities, and that racial differences therefore cause one race to be inherently superior to another race or to all other races.

In recent years, however, the term “racist” has been used to attack anyone that disagrees with a particularly vocal social or political group.

  • Conservatives have been called racists for favoring free-market capitalism over government-controlled socialism.
  • Former President Donald Trump was called a racist because he didn’t want to allow criminals, drug dealers and members of the MS-13 gang to come into the U.S. from Mexico.
  • Anyone disagreeing with Black Lives Matter has been labeled racist.
  1. The term Anti-racist has actually turned racism on its head. To any logical thinker, an anti-racist is one who opposes racism and all forms of discriminatory social policies based on race, believing that all races are equal in human character traits, in potential and in capabilities.

Yet Critical Race Theory teaches that all whites, because they are white, are inherently racist, will always be racist, and that there is nothing they can do about it. On the other hand, blacks are by definition anti-racist and are therefore superior to whites in terms of their character. Whites are thus to be hated above all races.

  1. The terms woke and wokeness are probably the most popular words of doublespeak so far in the twenty-first century. No one seems to agree on what “woke” actually means.

The dictionary defines “woke” as “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues.” But which facts? Which issues? And what does “actively attentive” mean? Every political identity group and every corporate board of directors has their own ideas.

For some, you are not actively attentive regarding gender identity and transgenderism unless you support and celebrate transgender medication, surgery and preferred pronouns for children in elementary school.

If you don’t agree with the social agenda of the radical Left regarding Critical Race Theory, celebrating Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community, multiple gender identity and transgenderism, you are not woke enough – and therefore, you are to be shunned and ostracized.

  1. Speaking of Radical, the new definition of a radical is a conservative Christian with traditional values – not someone on the far left ideologically who wants to tear down and destroy freedom of speech by censoring all conservative content from the public square.

The word “radical” used to be used to describe those with extreme views outside of the mainstream views of the majority of Americans. Now, the word means just the opposite.

For example, parents who protest the teaching of Critical Race Theory and transgenderism in public schools are treated as radicals and domestic terrorists!

They are also called “haters,” while those who persecute them and treat them with contempt don’t recognize that they are the ones exhibiting hate. It’s not only doublespeak, it’s a double standard of moral right and wrong.

  1. Another doublespeak term that is often used in conjunction with “racist” is White Supremacist. This term is never defined precisely by those who use it.

The dictionary definition of “white supremacist is “a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that the white race should have control over people of other races.” This is not the belief of the vast majority of white people in America. But the Left doesn’t care.

It suits their narrative to label all white conservatives as white supremacists if they don’t subscribe to their cultural agenda of socialism and government censorship.

Ironically, it’s the self-proclaimed experts and the elite Leftist politicians and government leaders who desire to control people of all races.

  1. Another term that the Left uses as a label to attack both conservatives and Christians is Christian Nationalist. Again, those who use it to negatively describe political opponents don’t define it. They just imply that a Christian Nationalist is someone who wants the federal government to be a theocracy ruled by intolerant, wide-eyed, Bible-thumping fanatics.

A nationalist is simply someone who opposes having open borders, and who believes in preserving the sovereignty of individual nations throughout the world.

The globalists, who advocate no national boundaries and a one-world government, characterize their opponents in the worst way possible so as to squash debate and persuade the masses to follow their agenda without thinking for themselves.

  1. What is a Fascist? You would never know by listening to how the Left accuses former President Donald Trump and other conservatives of being fascists. It has become another doublespeak label used by Democrat socialists to attack and demean their political opponents rather than engage them in debating ideas.

Fascism includes several elements of political philosophy:

  • Exalting nation above the individual
  • Centralized autocratic government
  • Dictatorship
  • Severe social and economic regulation
  • Forcible suppression of opposition

Former President Trump stands for exactly the opposite:

  • Individual freedom for all – including blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities
  • Decentralized government
  • Representative government
  • Social and economic Deregulation
  • Freedom of speech and open debate of opposing views

In contrast, the Left and those who are currently in control of the federal government actually are the real Fascists. Their policies and values reflect the ideological positions of fascism.

  1. The Make America Great Again campaign – MAGA – is an effort to raise the opinion of people around the world about the United States and its leadership.

Ever since former President Obama’s “Apology Tour,” in which he traveled to other countries and apologized for the country’s past mistakes, our leadership position among world leaders has declined from what it had always been in the past.

Candidate Trump in 2016 and President Trump from 2017 to 2021 sought to increase our prestige and stature as a world leader – and he succeeded, much to the dismay of those who advocate open national borders everywhere – and a one-world government.

The Left is now using “MAGA” as a derogatory slur against all those who favor preserving our country as a sovereign nation.

  1. Probably the most often-used doublespeak word next to the racist label is the word extremist. This word is used by the Left to describe anyone who disagrees with their political view of whatever issue is being discussed.

If the topic being discussed is the unborn, those who are pro-life are called extremists. If the topic is free speech, those who are against censoring so-called “hate speech” are extremists. If the topic is immigration, those who take the conservative position of controlling the border and requiring immigrants to follow existing immigration laws are called extremists.

Whatever the subject, those who disagree with the agenda of the Left are accused of being extremists. The word has negative connotations in the minds of the listeners, so it never needs to be defined. It’s a convenient and effective attack word.

Doublespeak words and phrases are often used in addressing doublespeak issues such as:

  • Save Medicare
  • Save Social Security
  • The wealthy should pay their fair share

“We have to save Medicare” and “We have to save Social Security” are euphemistic catch phrases. No one who uses these catch phrases ever explains what they need to be “saved” from or why they need to be “saved.”

They almost always mean that the only way to save them is to increase funding through higher payroll deductions. And if anyone mentions the option of reducing payouts, they are called heartless, “haters,” or some other derogatory doublespeak term.

What about giving people several different tiered benefit levels to choose from, each having a different payroll deduction amount? That’s the way you buy life insurance, medical insurance through an employer, and auto insurance. You choose the amount of coverage you want and the amount of premium you wish to pay.

And, you can increase or decrease your benefit levels of those types of insurance each year, or at the time of automatic policy renewal. Why can’t Medicare and Social Security be changed to work the same way? We certainly have the accounting technology to do it!

Finally, “the wealthy should pay their fair share” is the epitome of doublespeak. There is no dictionary definition of that phrase, and no one has ever defined what they mean when they use it. It’s completely meaningless – open for everyone to interpret however they see fit.

We already have a progressive income tax system designed to tax higher income levels at higher percentages.

Doublespeak is used in advertising to hide from the reader or listener the real meaning of what is being communicated. It provides the user of doublespeak with two advantages:

  • the opportunity of plausible denial
  • the ability to persuade through negative connotation

In political campaign advertising, doublespeak is used to:

  • persuade undecided voters to support a candidate or cause
  • alienate voters who don’t support a particular candidate or cause
  • rally supporters to make contributions of time and money

Watch for the use of doublespeak in political advertising and in business advertising.

Don’t be persuaded by it, and whenever possible, demand clarification and precise definitions of doublespeak words and terms.

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