Dangerous Media Distortions and Deceptions: You’re at Risk [Video]

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The media and politicians are creating false narratives and spreading dangerous opinions … cleverly disguised as facts.

Beware of their deliberate deception…

Truth – not distortion to advance a political agenda – is needed now more than ever.

Watch this video (about 8 minutes). You’ll be shocked at how the media is distorting the truth.

Click here to watch.

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  1. Please excuse the length of my comment, but some things need to be said.
    The news, our leaders(state and federal)keep using words and phrases like pandemic, crisis, infections growing daily, no cure, no vaccine, all true but misleading. They imply, they suggest that if you get infected you will die. The numbers clearly show that is not so. The “crisis” is our government’s actions and resulting chaos and panic with our reaction. This is the greatest fraud and hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

    The government, the “experts” solution: the cure is worse than the disease. Does it appear that we can stop the spread if we kill the patient? (Our country) It reminds me of something akin to bloodletting.
    And with this stimulus/rescue package for untold amounts of money we are guaranteed that there will be who knows how much “pork” in this spending bill. We are giving the Pharmaceutical companies a blank check to make the devices! Come up with a vaccine! Increase production!
    Where will the government get all this money? Print or borrow? Both are bad ideas. Borrow from China? So they can have more leverage against us? Check out how much medicine and supplies we have made in China, things that many people need daily. Do you think the kind and caring Totalitarian regime in China would ever use that against us? (answer is: Yes)

    -So do you think the government should do nothing? Almost. They just need to issue an advisory: There is a new strain of the flu that appears to affect the elderly and those with respiratory/underlying conditions. Be aware, be careful.

    -Did you know that some of your neighbors were not “essential” Or that their business was not “essential”? Every business is essential, every job is essential! People work to get money to buy food, shelter, and clothing for their families! I support our president but these actions to our citizens by the state are completely out of hand. Our president said at a rally; “We will never be a socialist country” where are we now? You can go, you have to stay, your business must close, you can stay open. I am sure there are some who are gleeful with delight at what is being done to our country.

    -Selective outrage or fear. When there is a mass shooting it’s on the news, and ooh ah that’s terrible, how could they do that, etc. Are we bothered that all those people were killed in the same place or that just one person killed them all? What about the 39 people that were killed yesterday or the day before that or the day before that? That is the number of shooting deaths everyday in our country (CDC numbers) where is the outrage, the shock for those? It appears to be the same with this virus. We have chosen to be afraid; we have chosen to make it a “crisis”. Why are we not as afraid of the “regular” flu? Which kills so many more of any age. Are we letting the news/media shape and form us to what is important or what to talk about or how to behave? If this was not in the news we would all be going about our normal lives without a care about some virus.

    -The faith community from what I have seen has failed miserably in this “crisis”. I may be talking mostly about leaders who give out verses about having no fear, we will get through this, etc. Shame on anyone who foments fear and panic without informing the public. It seems we have jumped on board with the fear about a virus that is a total and complete non-issue. Like we have to go along to get along. “We need to pray for an end to this virus” fomenting more fear and panic. There are many things exponentially more important than this virus to pray for. We are so easily distracted and deceived.

    -There is an old phrase that came to my mind when this virus popped up on the radar a couple of months ago and that is; Follow the money, I have added to it and now say: Follow the money and or the power. There are some smart, intelligent people who do not have love thy neighbor as a guiding principle in their life. Some want the money, regardless of consequence and some want the power,(politicians) with none of the responsibility. Some are going to have a great second quarte

    1. In Sweden, what they more or less have said, as of Friday …. “if you are sick, stay home; if you are very sick, go to the Dr. , if none of these apply, go to work.” They are correct…Sweden and Switzerland have always had better brains than the USA…
      Israel, their top virologist: “people will not even know if they have the virus,” yep…it is not that serious,” only being made that way to rob us of our money, taxpayer dollars, hyped up with the government which is going towards the NWO and believe me…Trump is well aware of it…he is one of them..covert behind the scenes; then there is Britain…just came out with this virus is no longer treated as high risk…this is paraphrased…so here we are being made fools of by governors…also part of the ploy as well as those in DC…think it out…businesses will be 50% gone or more, 60% unemployment and Trump keeps trumpeting how bad off we are and now wants to shut down the airports as well as quarantine the whole of the USA…absolutely stupid..

      Find the 1700 Protocols and read them..in there you will see: End liberty; do away with Christians, we will work like boiling a frog…slowly and this is happening, has been for centuries…do away with education and Trump has seen to this although Woodrow Wilson started it…much,much more to read and learn from…

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