Common Core: How It’s a Federal Takeover of Education

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One of the biggest myths that Common Core supporters promote is that Common Core is a state-led initiative.

The TRUTH: Common Core was initiated, approved, and pushed by bureaucratic elitists.


In my speeches (see here for details on my talk coming up tonight), I show how deceitful Common Core is.

The Common Core standards were created by two activist groups: the National Governors’ Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

These groups are not representative of the states.


Common Core supporters say that the standards were reviewed and approved by local superintendents and other educational authorities.

State officials defend their choice to adopt Common Core with this same claim.

But the truth is…

  • The Common Core Validation Committee only had 30 members
  • There was only ONE mathematician on this committee, who refused to approve the math standards.
  • There was only ONE English scholar/professor on the committee, who refused to approve the English standards.
  • Three other members refused to approve the Common Core standards.
  • When the Common Core Validation Committee published its conclusions, only 25 members were mentioned – with unanimous approval for the standards. The dissenting members were entirely erased from the record.
  • The Common Core Validation Committee had to sign confidentiality agreements – the public was not allowed to know what went on behind those closed doors.

45 states adopted Common Core by 2011… But in 2013, 62% of Americans said they had never heard of Common Core.


The Obama administration backed and funded the implementation of Common Core standards.

  • Race to the Top program: Offered $4.35 billion to states that were financially hurting right after the Great Recession
  • In 2009, the Department of Education gave governors $48.6 billion for advancing “education reforms” – including Common Core standards
  • The Department of Education gave $360 million to the Common Core testing agency (Smarter-Balanced Assessment Consortium) for the creation of a “model curriculum” and curriculum materials
  • States that adopt Common Core are given waivers that allow them to violate laws under No Child Left Behind, as well as portions of federal civil rights law (Civil Rights Act of 1964, Education Amendments of 1972, Rehabilitation Act of 1972, Americans with Disabilities Education Act)

Other education elitists also backed and funded the implementation of Common Core standards.

In 2013, the Gates foundation gave over $200 million to the development and implementation of Common Core. Recipients included the Department of Education, NGO, CCSSO, Fordham Institute, US Chamber of Commerce, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and other groups that advocate for Common Core.

Teacher’s unions and other lobby groups: The American Federation of Teachers gave $5.4 million and the National Education Association gave $3.9 million. The Parent Teacher Association gave $1 million.

Why is Common Core “education without representation?”

Common Core was created and approved without public knowledge or debate. States were bribed into adopting it without knowledge of what they were doing. Elitist groups poured millions, some billions, into the success of Common Core. AND…

Common Core takes all control away from states, local districts and parents.

  • States are only allowed to add up to 15% of requirements onto the Common Core standards
  • Local school districts and states can’t revise or reform the standards because they are copyrighted by the private groups and special interests that created them
  • States must adopt all of Common Core at once
  • School choice will be severely undermined because private schools, charter schools, and all alternative schools will be assessed by Common Core tests – meaning they will need to adopt “Common Core aligned” curriculum to perform well
  • All students will be evaluated by Common Core tests – meaning they will need to use “Common Core aligned” curriculum if they want to do well so they can graduate high school and get into college

America’s education has historically been decentralized. Common Core radically changes that.

We need to stop this unprecedented federal takeover of education. Sign our petition,here.

And if you live in LA county, come to my talk tonight in Torrance, “Common Core: War on Kids, Teachers and Parents.” It will be at Sizzler at 7 pm. The details are on this flyer.

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